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Volunteer opportunities at Wilcox

Volunteers are the heart and soul of a PTA. Wilcox warmly welcomes and appreciates volunteers on and off-campus. There are many opportunities to volunteer: football and basketball snack bars, food donations, schedule distribution, teacher/staff luncheons, textbook distribution, Grad Night, dance chaperone, etc. Be sure to sign up for the Wilcox PTSA volunteer list by emailing Jolene Soares or by checking the volunteer box and entering your email address when you join PTSA. 

If you want to volunteer on campus, you need to submit a Volunteer Application for 2019-2020:

2019-20 SCUSD Volunteer Packet

2019-20 SCUSD Volunteer Packet - Spanish

Save your form and email to Ms. Anna Thompson, Secretary to the Principal, or drop it off in the Wilcox school office before volunteering. 


To become a volunteer driver, please review the Volunteer Driver Procedure and FAQ and then fill out the forms below.

Volunteer Driver Procedure and FAQ

Volunteer Driver Application

DMV Authorization for Release

Turn these in with your Volunteer Packet.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Anna Thompson at

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

January Volunteer and Donation Needs


Basketball games are fast and fun.  Join us at the snack bar supporting our players and spectators.  All proceeds benefit Senior Send-Off.

Watch for more opportunities in the Wilcox news and make sure to join the Wilcox Parents Yahoo group!