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Summer Reading

Summer reading

Over the summer, Wilcox students are required to read books—the numbers of books and the titles are listed in the reading lists to the right.

The assignments vary, depending upon the course taken, so please be sure to check the lists carefully! Please help get the books from a library or bookstore, then help your child make time to read them - a daily half-hour is perfect - and ask your child regularly about what’s happening. Parents, if you too read the assigned books, the experience will be especially rewarding—for both of you!

Reading the summer books will make your child a better reader, a better writer, a better critical thinker; enlarge his or her understanding of people and the world; and help him or her start strongly in English in the fall. And, of course, there are the adventures, discoveries, shocks, laughs, tears, terrors, and victories! Reading is sweet and intense.

In order to remember each book, we recommend that your child record passages, with page number, followed by comments or questions, for:

  • Important events and changes
  • Parts that show why things happen, why characters do what they do
  • Favorite passages and scenes
  • Parts that are confusing or puzzling

Students may write these comments on paper, on Post-It notes stuck to the pages, or in the book’s margins (if you own the book). Be prepared to bring the book with you back to school - there will be a chance to share what you've learned from the text you read.

Summer reading recomendations

Suggested reading for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

Books recommended by college admission experts. 

If you are taking an Honors or an AP course, please check the appropriate "Locker" folder below.

English Locker
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