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Counseling Office

College & Career Center

Personal Counseling:  School-based mental health counseling is coordinated by the Wellness Center at Wilcox. The goal is to address social-emotional issues that are interfering with a student’s ability to succeed in school. Parents/guardians and school staff may refer a student whom they are concerned about. Students may seek support for themselves or express concern about their peers. Parent permission is not required for brief check-ins. Written parent permission is required for students under age 18 to receive ongoing mental health counseling. The Wellness Program can also assist students and families who wish to receive counseling services outside of school.


The Counseling Staff provides the following services:


Monitoring Graduation Status/Credits

College Preparation Workshops

UC/CSU College Applications

Community College Applications

Financial Aid

PSAT Interpretation

High School Orientation for Middle School Students and Parents

College Letters of Recommendation, Secondary School Reports, Mid-year Reports

Grade Point Average Verification for Specific College Scholarships and Financial Aid

Provide NCAA processing

College Application Counseling

College Representative Program

College Videos, Catalogs, and on-line searches in Career Center

Referrals to Alternative Education

Scholarships Information, SAT/ACT Registration, and Military Information available in Career Center




Counseling Staff by Alpha

    20160902 081233.jpg  Mrs. Nelson-Watkins 
(408) 423-2536
undefined Mrs. Hall
(408) 423-2494
(408) 423-2425 
                Mr. LaFleur               coun mike2.jpg
                (408) 423-2412                       
 Ms. Cabello
    (Pham- Sull)   
(408) 423-2493
 Mrs. Mikhailova
    (Sum- Zuni)    
(408) 423-2462
         (Except Thursdays)      

coun pam2.jpgSchedule Appointments
Mrs. Pewitt 
(408) 423-2414 

         Ms. Sullivan           
(408) 423-2575 

Mrs.  Yee    
(408) 423-2531