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Board Members

2019-2020 Board


Ruchita Shah

1st VP – Volunteers

Jolene Soares

VOL Arts & Wine Festival

Adrianna Smith

VOL Football Snack Bar

Margaret Horoszko

VOL BB Snack Bar


2nd VP - Membership

Foong Ching Chan


Kristi Gradwohl


Leland Lim


Sonja Tillman


Leslie Kloes


Shanta Dominguez

Senior Send-Off (SSO) Chair

Linda Gentry, Amanda Laughlin & Luann Wang

SSO Coordinator/Fundraising


SSO Tickets/PR


SSO Activities


SSO Goodwill Event

Jill Lipari

SSO E-Waste

Rajni Monga

SSO Basketball Snack Bar

Sachie Sargent

Bake Sales/T-Shirts

Colleen Yamada & Dianne Maxon

Council Basket/SCUPTA Scholarship

Deanna Watts

Direct Donation Chair

Anu Kumar

Honorary Service

Jay Amin

Hospitality/Staff Luncheons

Pili Hasleton & April Lee

Hospitality/Academic Awards

Amy Evans


Vibeka Sen Sisodiya

Parent Education

Suzy Gokel & Shannon Milne


Alka Gupta


Michael Goodson


Lisa Schreiber

Communications Chair

Lisa Kunze

Ice Cream Social

Marilynn Klinkrodt

Nominating Committee 2020-21

Get behind the scenes of the many PTSA events that happen at Wilcox.  Get to know the Wilcox staff and students, and get more connected to your child's school experience.  

There are still open positions to fill.  All nominations are considered, so don't be shy!  Nominate yourself, or someone you know (with their permission, of course) for any of the below positions.  We must post a slate of nominees by February 4th, but can take nominations up until the election on March 4th.

Thank you for your consideration!  We still need a Treasurer! The current list of nominees for the 2020-21 board is attached below along with a summary of the positions.  Please see the descriptions and consider nominating yourself!

Best regards,

Wilcox PTSA Nominating Committee for 2020-21

Colleen Yamada (Chair):

Deanna Watts:

Michael Goodson:

Rajni Monga:

Shannon Milne: