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The Wilcox UNICEF Club is a student-run organization with guidance from the faculty advisor.  Students interested in how we as a community can help the less fortunate in third world countries can make a difference through fundraising, participating in volunteer events, and using their voices to advocate for change and educate the public.

The main purpose of the UNICEF club is to raise awareness of malnutrition, disease, and horrible living conditions that children and their respective mothers in third world countries have to endure. Specific to the Wilcox community, our mission is to give students the opportunity to help children and mothers in developing countries receive access to education, health, and protection through UNICEF.

Club email:

Instagram handle: @wilcoxunicefclub

2021-22 Advisor: Mr. McQuade (

2021-22 Officer board:


The second Monday of every month in room S113 during lunch