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Advisory Communication to Freshman Students & Parents

Dear Freshman Students and Parents, 

This year Wilcox will be piloting an exciting and innovative freshmen advisory program to help support incoming freshman students. Educational studies have shown the transition from 8th grade to high school and freshman year can be a difficult time for our youth. The purpose of advisory is to help build a connection between new students and Wilcox; offer social-emotional and academic support; create a further link between school and home; build a stronger sense of community and belonging on campus; and help prepare students for the academic and emotional challenges of high school.

All freshmen have an “8th period” on their schedule, this is their advisory period. Freshmen must report to their “8th period” advisory class during SSR/Advisory time every Monday and Friday from 10:20 am-10:50 am to meet with their teacher advisor. Friday August 16th will be the first Advisory session for freshman students. 

On behalf of your teacher advisors, I would like to extend our enthusiastic and wholehearted welcome to your high school journey. We look forward to meeting you. 


Kristin Gonzalez, Principal

Wilcox Teacher Advisor Staff


Advisory Preview Slideshow

Questions about Advisory? Contact your school counselor.