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Incoming Students

welcome new students

We are excited that you will be attending Wilcox. This page will help familiarize you with all of the things that make Wilcox great. We believe there is something for everyone here.

Some ways to get involved

There is an activities and clubs Fair in the first few weeks of every school year. There you can visit tables with representatives from each club where you can get more information and sign up if you are interested. 

We offer three seasons of athletics/sports: fall, winter, and spring. 

Wilcox also has three different performance groups.

2019 Information to Start the School Year

As the school year approaches, we want to be certain you have everything you need to have a smooth and successful start to the 2019-2020 school year. 

Here is a checklist of items that all students need prior to the first day of school 8/15/19:

  • Proof of Residency: Our main office is open regular school hours, 7:30 am until 3:00 pm, to accept documentation that proves residency within our boundaries. Many of you have completed this process through the District Proof of Residency hours on our campus over the last two weeks. Proof of Residency cannot be completed the first day of school. Families must come to Wilcox on the second day of school (8/16/19) if this has not been completed prior to 8/15/19. *This process must be completed in order to obtain a Wilcox Student/Parent Handbook and class schedule.
  • Signed Handbook Policy Acknowledgement Forms (2). Student/Parent Handbooks are distributed upon completion of Proof of Residency. If you did not receive a Student/Parent Handbook at Proof of Residency please visit the Wilcox office to obtain one. Pages 3 and 5 of this handbook are acknowledgements of school and district policies for both students and parents/guardians must sign. Page 5 must be signed in four places. *These two policy acknowledgement forms must be submitted in order to obtain a student class schedule. 
  • School ID Card/Wilcox Student Identification: All Wilcox students must have a Wilcox ID card in order to attend classes on the first day of school. Students who still need ID cards must go to the Mission City Center for the Performing Arts (Theatre) Lobby on the first day of school, 8/15/19, starting at 7:00 am to get a Wilcox ID card. No further ID cards will be issued until the first day of school.  *A current Wilcox student ID is required to obtain a student class schedule and attend classes on the first day of school. 
  • Student’s Preliminary Schedule (printed on white paper prior to the first day of school): All Wilcox students who have completed the above requirements should, by now, have a Wilcox schedule printed on a white paper. If everything else on this list has been completed/accomplished, but a student still does not have a schedule, that student should come to Wilcox ASAP and request a printed schedule. The schedule printed on white paper is a preliminary schedule. For some students schedule changes may have been necessary for a variety of reasons. If students did not or were unable (ie. vacation) to receive a preliminary schedule, then they will just pick up their final pink paper schedule on the first day of class (see below).

Finalized Student Schedules will be printed on pink paper and will be distributed the first day of school. *Each student must have a pink schedule to attend classes on the first day of school even if they have a preliminary white schedule.

Things to know about the first day of school 8/15/19:

  • Students must bring their ID cards and white paper with class schedules to school (if they received a preliminary schedule).

  • Signed Handbook policy forms, pages 3 and 5 if they have not already received a preliminary white paper schedule.

  • Schedule distribution opens at 7:15 am for students to get pink schedules - the location is TBA.

  • All seven classes will meet on the first day of school and we will have an adjusted bell schedule so that students will have time to pick up their schedules in the morning and be on time to class.


  • Lost your schedule? We will need to verify that you have completed Proof of  Residency. Students must check-in with the main office to confirm that proper residency verification has been completed. 
  • Lost your 2019-2020 student ID card? Report to the Theater lobby on the first day of school to take another photo and obtain a replacement card. After the first day of school student who have lost their ID cards should report to the ASB office to obtain a new one. 
  • Can I take a picture of my student ID and/or schedule and present those on the first day of school? It is preferred that you have the originals of both, however, you may present photos in case of emergency. Beyond the first day of school, you will need your student ID card to scan in daily to SSR/Tutorial/Advisory as well as other school events. 
  • What if I don’t have a preliminary schedule or my signed Handbook pages on the first day of school? Having your preliminary white schedule proves you have completed the POR process, submitted your 2 policy acknowledgment forms and taken your student ID card photo. If you forget your preliminary white schedule or handbook pages on the first day of school, head to the main office to have your Proof of Residency completion verified. After it is verified, you will be given a “POR Verified” pass and you may obtain your finalized pink schedule.
Cafeteria Payments and Lunch Options

Payments can be made to your child's account through School Cafe or by cash or check at either station in the cafeteria, at the pizza kiosk or in the snack bar. If you are not purchasing food at the time, you can skip the line to turn your money in.  For more information about our District's Nutrition Services page by clicking here.

Students may opt for purchasing pizza in the kiosk behind the library, they may pick up some grab and go items at the snack bar located to the left of the cafeteria, or they they may opt to pick up lunch in the cafeteria. 

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

PE Clothing Requirements

During PE you must wear clothing that meets this criteria.

  • Sweatpants or shorts in white, black or gray. 
  • A Wilcox PE shirt or any other Wilcox shirt: Fantastics, Homecoming, club shirt, team shirt, etc.
  • If you are not wearing a Wilcox affiliated shirt, you must wer plain black shorts and a plain gray t-shirt. 
  • No game jerseys from their sports team. 

PE clothes are sold in the both PE offices.  The cost is $15 if you buy the shorts and shirt together.  If bought separately $8 each. During the first week of school, clothes can be purchased during your PE class. You will not need to suit out for PE for the first few days of school.