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Courses Offered

ELD Beg./Int


SDAIE English 9/10

SDAIE English 10/12


EL US History

SDAIE US History


EL Biology

SDAIE Biology


EL Support 1

EL Support 2

EL Support 3


English Language Development (ELD) Homepage

Mission Statement

The ELD program is designed to support students new to the United States, and those who have been here for a few years. Our goal is to make the transition into an American high School as smooth and easy as possible. Through the ELD program, students will learn the language, become integrated into the Wilcox community and study other subject matter courses at a language level that they will comprehend. We welcome new students with open arms and will support them with both academics, as well as other needs that come up with moving to a new country.

ELD Department staff
Yana Staroselsky Costa (408) 423-2523 ELD