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ASB Officers

President - Caroline K. 

Vice Presidents - Claire D. and Hannah W. 

Spirit Commissioner - Audrey L. 

Secretary/Treasurer - Ali S. 

Publicity - Ally Y and Thomas B. 

Club Commissioners - Anagrace R. and Joseph P.

Activities Commissioners - Dev M. and Ethan R. 

Sports Commissioners - Daniel V. and Smrithi S. 

Class of 2019

President - Khue V

Vice Presidents - Jessica S. and Laura W. 

Secretary - Fran H. 

Treasurer - Jackie N. 

Publicity - Jonathan N. and  Kevon N. 

Fundraiser - Ethan W. and Annamarie N. 

Advisors - Mr. Contreras, Mr. Jenkins and Mrs. K. Scott

Upcoming Events


November 14 Open House

November 20 Blood Drive Small Gym 6:30-4:00

November 28 Junior Parents Night 7:00 Theater