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Physical Education Courses

Freshmen CORE

During their freshman year, 9th grade physical education students will take a series of courses that follow state guidelines/standards. Activities include aquatics, badminton, dance, yoga, weight training, track and field and functional fitness as well as team sports. They will also partake in the FITNESSGRAM physical fitness testing per the state of California in order to promote lifelong habits of staying physically active. 


Sophomore CORE

As sophomores, students will take a course to satisfy California state standards in the areas of gymnastics, combative and tumbling. Self-defense techniques are also incorporated into the unit to further increase their cardiovascular endurance in a safe and fun environment. During other quarters throughout the year, sophomores can also take a variety of physical education elective courses. 



Once students have satisfied California state content requirements, they have the ability to choose from a variety of PE activities throughout their years at Wilcox. Some of the included activities are street hockey, volleyball, indoor/outdoor soccer, basketball, pickleball, tennis, frisbee golf, speedball, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, tennis and functional fitness training.


Charger Power Fitness

Every third quarter Wilcox PE students train daily for the fitness testing program which is performed for one week at the end of the quarter. If they score A’s and B’s on their six fitness tests (mile run, pull ups, sit ups, sit and reach, and jump and reach), students receive a grey charger power t-shirt. If they score straight A’s on all six tests, students receive a black power charger t-shirt. These high achieving students are recognized in front of their peers when the shirts are presented.