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Physical Education Homepage

Our Mission statement

We offer various activities throughout the school year for Wilcox students to identify and achieve a personal level of excellence
in physical fitness. Physical education students at Wilcox will increase their aerobic capacity, develop muscular strength and endurance, set and evaluate fitness goals, develop leadership and team building skills,
and learn new and exciting fitness activities that they can use for a lifetime. All physical education classes are coeducational and offer weekly development of the muscular and cardiovascular systems.

Physical Education Department Staff
David Currie (408) 423-2452 Physical Education, Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Woody Freitas (408) 423-2435 Physical Education, Football Coach
April Lujan (408) 423-2434 Physical Education, Health, Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach
Mecherie McGilvery (408) 422-8773 Physical Education
Elia Neto (408) 423-2443 Physical Education, Health
Paul Rosa (408) 423-2447 Physical Education, Athletic Director, Head Football Coach
James Unangst (408) 423-2460 Physical Education