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Our Mission statement


We offer various activities throughout the school year for Wilcox students to identify and achieve a personal level of excellence in fitness. Physical education students will increase their aerobic capacity, develop muscular strength and endurance, set and evaluate fitness goals, develop leadership and team-building skills. They will also learn new and exciting fitness activities that they can use for a lifetime. All physical education classes are co-educational and offer weekly development of the muscular and cardiovascular systems centered around the California State Standards. 

“We Are Charger Strong” is printed on the Wilcox PE t-shirts as it embraces our school's Student Learner Outcomes and promotes the mindset of giving their best efforts. It also encourages the enhancement of a growth mindset that correlates the science behind the notion of strong body, strong mind. 








Physical Education Department Staff
Contact David Currie  David Currie (408) 423-2452 Physical Education
Contact Woody Freitas  Woody Freitas (408) 423-2435 Physical Education, Football Coach
Contact Matthew Huth  Matthew Huth (408) 423-2546 P.E. Health, C/O 2020 Advisor, Football, Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Contact April Lujan  April Lujan (408) 423-2434 Physical Education, Health, Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach
Contact Mecherie McGilvery  Mecherie McGilvery (408) 423-2443 Physical Education
Contact Elia Neto  Elia Neto (408) 423-2549 Physical Education
Contact Paul Rosa  Paul Rosa (408) 423-2447 Physical Education, Athletic Director, Head Football Coach
Contact James Unangst  James Unangst (408) 423-2460 Physical Education