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Open Studio! Every friday!

On Fridays during 7th period and lasting until 5:30 we hold Open Studio hours. This means that current and past CTE/AME students can come into the classroom space (they can even bring a friend) to explore their creative talents without the constraints of classroom assignments. (Students can also use this time to work on assignments.) 

Open Studio also has a burgeoning Leadership Program. Open Studio Leaders take advantage of more advanced photo, video and audio equipment by getting hands-on training via volunteer work designing flyers, logos, and other multi-media projects as well as shooting photos and videos of school events.

Adrienne Aubry


Behind The Scenes - Suspense Projects
Welcome Back Video by Julian Loredo
Shoot Day+Fire Drill=GROUP PHOTO! :)
Advanced Video Students during Fire Drill
check google classroom for assignments! 

1.) Have your student Log In to Google and go to 'Classroom', then select this class.    

2.) At the top of the page, select "Classwork"            

3.) Select the small icon near the top left portion of the page that says "View My Work" 

4.) Voila! You can see every assignment AND it's status (turned in/turned in late/missing/etc).

Ms. Aubry and her Doggo.
  Adrienne Aubry (408) 423-2557 CTE (Digital Media, Video Productions) Clubs - Alphabet, A/V, Creative Writing