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Personal Counseling:  School-based mental health counseling is coordinated by the Wellness Center at Wilcox. The goal is to address social-emotional issues that are interfering with a student’s ability to succeed in school. Parents/guardians and school staff may refer a student whom they are concerned about. Students may seek support for themselves or express concern about their peers. Parent permission is not required for brief check-ins. Written parent permission is required for students under age 18 to receive ongoing mental health counseling. The Wellness Program can also assist students and families who wish to receive counseling services outside of school.

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Wilcox Wellness Program

We’re part of a support network for the Wilcox community, including students, their families, and school staff.Family, Student, Staff integration

We’re here to promote social-emotional well-being and resilience, which helps students achieve their full potential at school and in life.

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What we do (just a few examples among a wide range of services we provide):

  • Counseling for students
  • Meet with parents/guardians or school staff to develop strategies to support students based on their individual circumstances
  • Provide emotional support to parents/guardians and school staff around situations that affect anyone in the school community
  • Crisis intervention on campus 
  • Provide information on community resources to help families meet their needs
  • Share mental-health related information with students, parents/guardians, and staff through presentations

Help from others

For specific questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us:


Wellness Coordinator:

Sharon Kwan, LCSW


Phone: (408) 423-2416

Community Health Outreach Worker: 

Betty Sustaita-Duran


Phone: (408) 878-4398 


Wilcox Wellness Center