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Getting a Work Permit


Work Permits

Request For Work Permit - Before first period, during lunch and after seventh period.  

If you have a job, are under the age of 18, and have not yet graduated, you need a work permit, no acceptions.

Please note...There is a 24 hour waiting period to receive your completed work permit!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Fill out a Work Permit Request - come to the College Career Resource Center to pick one up or click on the link below to access a printable version.

  2. Fill out the top portion - all information is necessary, especially your Social Security Number!

  3. Have your employer fill out the second portion.

  4. Have your parent sign and date it, giving permission for you to be employed.

  5. Bring the completed request to the College Career Resource Center, Room B113. 

  6. All work permits must be reissued on the first week of school.

Please note - if you have less than a 2.0 GPA and/or if you have an attendance or discipline problem(s), you may not get a work permit.  In special cases, you will be allowed a Probationary Work Permit which will allow you to work until the next grading period where you must show improvement in grades and/or attendance/ discipline.  Your work permit will be REVOKED and your employer will be notified that you are no longer able to work if your attendance and/or grades have not improved by that date.