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Junior Plan

Every Junior needs to use this Junior Year Meeting powerpoint in order to succeed this year! 

“Preparing for College” Calendar For JUNIORS

Click on Junior Plan to download and print documents


  • Think about your reasons for going to college.  What are your goals? Talk to your parents, counselor, teachers and friends.
  • Plan your extracurricular activities for the year and sign up for clubs and sports.
  • Sign-up for PSAT, waivers available for qualifying students.
  • Register with to get the SAT information and the question of the day.


  • Take the PSAT.
  • Attend college programs and meet with college representatives visiting Wilcox. Check School Loop, the Counseling Office, and College & Career Resource Center for dates, times and locations of various college visits.
  • If you are interested in a military academy or ROTC, get information now and sign up for the ASVAB.


  • Focus on doing well in your classes. Junior year is looked at very closely by colleges.
  • Organize your college research materials and keep them in safe place.  
  • Visit college admissions websites to get familiar with the admission process and language used. 
  • Get to know the College & Career Center Resource Center materials and resources.
  • Take an interest test, such as the ASVAB.


  • Continue to consider the best type of college environment and major for you. Ask others where they went to school or schools they know about.
  • Plan holiday visits to colleges.
  • Begin investigating summer programs.  Some private colleges start the application process now.


  • Review your PSAT score report with counselors. Study and take advantage of the materials that come with your individualized results.
  • Decide if you want to enroll in test preparation workshops for the SAT and/or ACT and sign up now or purchase materials.
  • Research interesting internships. They demonstrate your maturity and seriousness in pursuing your interests. 


  • Focus your college search.  Consider important factors in choosing a college: two-year or four-year institution, location, public or private, social environment, cost for tuition? Visit local colleges campuses during break.
  • Meet with counselors to decide which tests and what months you will take tests.
  • Decide the months you will take the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and/or ACT tests. Plan now to register a month in advance and consider any test prep you need.
  • If you are planning to apply to a UC, register for the SAT Subject tests and take 2 different subject tests.  Request “Student Answer Service” so that you can see where you need to study.
  • WHSSchoolCode: 053276


  • Take EAP essay exam in English classes.
  • Discuss with counselors the colleges you are thinking about applying to.
  • Contact colleges for any information you need.  Read, discuss, listen, and visit. 
  • Check the College and Career Resource Center website for upcoming college Preview Days.
  • Apply and/or enroll in summer courses, internships, jobs, or activities. These are important for your résumé, possible college entrance essays, and scholarships.   They demonstrate your maturity and seriousness in pursuing your interests. 
  • Register for the April ACT and/or AP exams.


  • Take the ACT and/or AP exams.
  • Register for the May SAT Reasoning or SAT Subject Tests, if necessary.
  • Visit more colleges and universities during the break.
  • Attend Spring College Preview Days at the colleges in which you are interested.
  • Attend the WACAC College Fair at Mission College.
  • Start investigating scholar-ships @


  • Take the the SAT or ACT with writing and the SAT subject tests if you are planning to apply to a 4 year college or university.
  • Take AP exams, if appropriate.
  • Narrow down your college list. Break schools in categories: safety, target, reach.
  • Decide and plan to colleges this summer. Call ahead to book a tour. If you can’t go in person, take virtual tour online.


  • Take the SAT or ACT with writing and SAT subject tests if planning to apply to a 4 year college or university.
  • Finish the year strong. Do well on your finals! This is your most important semester for colleges.
  • Finalize summer plans for jobs, internships, summer enrichment courses at community colleges, and campus visits.
  • Begin your Senior Profile. Have copies ready to give teachers and counselors if letters of recommendation are needed.


  • Contact all colleges you’re interested in; visit, take tours, have interviews, and look at their website.
  • Work on rough drafts of college essays and your résumé or biography.
  • Do something none of your friends are doing – something that makes you unique like taking a program at UCLA or other college, reading a classic novel, teaching kids to play basketball, or other local volunteer opportunities. Finish and document your 20 hour requirement for graduation. Forms available in Counseling Office or on School Loop.
  • If you work, do something that requires real thinking like an internship.
  • Analyze and understand your SAT/ACT results.  Review, if necessary and sign up for fall tests.
  • Complete any summer reading or H/AP homework BEFORE school starts!

Juniors: Now's the time to decide which tests you will take and when. The AP, SAT, ACT start in March. Testing links available below.