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Freshman tips
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“Preparing for College” Calendar For FRESHMAN

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  • Get settled into high school.
  • Join clubs & get involved!
  • Visit the ASB office for information and sign up during the club faire.
  • Try new sports                  
  • These are all things that can be great on your future college or job applications, and are perfect for your resume.


  • Find out where to get help with graduating from high school and planning your future:  Counseling Office or the Career & College Center.
  • Check out online support: School Loop shows grades, homework, news, college visits, and has a Guidance section with helpful information.


  • Focus on doing well in your classes.
  • Remember:  9th Grade does matter!


  • Study for finals – Remember:  Your grades go on your final transcript.
  • Get help early and pass classes the first time rather than make up for low grades later.
  • Use SSR as study time for help with classes.


  • Get familiar with the A-G college entrance requirements.
  • Research what classes you need to give you the most choices later. For example, if you want to take AP Biology in your junior year, then you will need Chemistry in sophomore year, not Physiology.

February                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        February

  • Start thinking about what you want to do after graduating high school.
  • If you have older friends or siblings, from sports or clubs, start listening to the discussions about choices and options for college.



  • Think about what you might do in the summer that you will enjoy and will help you toward your future goals and earn community service hours, such as volunteer at a shelter, teach an instrument, tutor a child, create a website, etc.


  • Study for finals and get the best grades you can.
  • Visit your counselor if you are unhappy with your freshman grades. You can create a plan for a better sophomore year.


  • Finish the year with flying colors! 
  • Go to graduation of your senior friends and imagine where you will be headed in three years’ time!


  • Read a book or two
  • Do summer projects for Honors/AP classes, at the time your teachers recommend (NOT 2 days before school starts!).
  • Remember that anything you do over the summer may be useful for your future college applications.  Tip: if you complete community service hours, get a record of this. Forms available in Counseling Office and on School Loop under Community Service.