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Sophomore Plan

Sophomore Classes

English 10

Wold History



Physical Education

Elective (Electives depend on 4 yr. plan)

Get texts about College Visits, Scholarships, and info on campus

1. Text the number 81010

2. Message @fa7kk

“Preparing for College” Calendar For Sophomores

Click on Sophomore Plan to download and print document


  • Check if you are on track to graduate high school and are eligible for college.
  • Do you know how many years you need of each subject?
  • Do you know the A-G requirements for college?
  • Sign-up for clubs and activities to increase your extra curricular activities
  • Talk to your parents, counselors, teachers, and friends about post-high school plans.


  • Take the PSAT to get an idea of how much SAT prep you may need.
  • Check School Loop, Counseling Office, and College & Career Resource Center for dates, times, and locations of various college visits.
  • If you are interested in a military academy, get information now.


  • Start to visit the Counseling Office and College & Career Resource Center.
  • Focus on doing well in your classes and prepare for finals.
  • Create your two-year plan for the rest of high school with counselors.


  • Start thinking about career choices, colleges, and majors. 
  • Ask others where they went to school or what schools they know about.
  • Do well on your finals!


  • Attend career workshops to hear about what people do, and how to get started in different careers.
  • Research possible interesting jobs, volunteer opportunities, and internships for the summer before your junior year.
  • Review your PSAT score report with counselors.
  • Study and take advantage of the materials that come with your individualized results.


  • Watch and listen to your junior friends as they start their college search.
  • Think about the important factors in choosing a college. For example, is it a two-year or four-year institution, where is it located, is it public or private, what is the social environment, how much does it cost for tuition?
  • Consult your counselor, college websites, and materials in the College & Career Resource Center.


  • Select classes for your junior year, with counselor help!
  • Research colleges online and use reference books.
  • Start writing down all the activities, work, and volunteering you have done. This will help you build your résumé, give you ideas for possible college entrance essays, and fulfill your community service requirement.


  • Apply for or enroll in summer courses at a community college, internships, jobs, travel opportunities, or volunteer activities for the summer.
  • Visit a few local colleges during the break. Call ahead to book a tour.


  • Study for finals!
  • Talk to your parents about visiting some colleges this summer during vacation.


  • Do well on your finals.
  • At the end of this year you are now half way through high school!
  • Meet with your counselor to check if you are on track for a CSU and/or UC.


  • Continue to research colleges that may interest you – visit colleges while on vacation or take an online tour.
  • Do something that interests you and earn your community service hours. Seek out non-profit organizations and volunteer to get your 20 hours. Tip: if you complete community service hours, get a record of this. Forms available in Counseling Office and on School Loop under Community Service.
  • If you work, do something that requires real thinking.  Internships are great! 
  • Complete any summer reading or H/AP homework BEFORE school starts!