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Senior Plan

“Preparing for College” Calendar For SENIORS

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  • Create a timeline for all college application requirements
  • Know the deadlines.
  • Complete essays and have final draft reviewed.
  • For Private Colleges ask teachers & counselors to complete letters of recommendation and Secondary School Report
  • Register for SAT, have scores sent electronically to colleges when you register. Send all scores.


  • Begin completing UC/CSU applications online.
  • Complete CSU applications.
  • Complete UC essays.
  • Complete UC application (cannot be submitted until Nov 1).
  • Register for SAT, have scores sent electronically.
  • Submit SAT & ACT scores immediately. Use code #3594 for all CSU campuses.
  • For early decision issues make sure to get required information for application from counselor and teachers.


  • Submit CSU & UC application (Nov 30 deadline).
  • Complete all private and out-of-state application requirements (usually Dec to mid-Jan deadlines).
  • Register for ACT (check to see if schools will accept December scores).


  • Visit Counseling Department to discuss Financial Aid.
  • Attend Scholarship Workshops.
  • Student and one parent need to apply for a PIN number for FAFSA next month. (
  • Start checking student portal for each school you apply to (MySJSU) and the “to do” list.


  • January 1 FAFSA Submission begins.
  • Attend Financial Aid Workshop at Wilcox.
  • Private colleges may require CSS profile.
  • Sign up for EPT & ELM tests (if required). 


  • Keep up your grades!!! Many colleges require that you maintain a certain grade level in senior year as a condition of acceptance.
  • Check details on School Loop News, Counseling Department webpage, and listen during announcements. 


  • March 2 - FAFSA submission deadline
  • Cal Grant GPA Verification postmarked by March 2.
  • March 1 thru 31 – CUS/UC Admissions decisions mailed to students.
  • Enroll in summer classes at the college you plan to attend (check college websites for freshman or new student summer programs).


  • Student Financial Aid Reports available to students online.
  • April 30 - Intent to Attend must be submitted by 11:59.59 PM to college of choice.


  • Must have taken EPT & ELM tests (if required).
  • Counselor visits - report post High School Plans.
  • Indicate where you want final transcript sent.
  • Do well on finals




  • Pack & Prepare for College
  • Take an enrichment course or summer bridge program
  • Attend & pay for Freshman Orientation
  • Be careful to meet all deadlines for payments, registration, etc.

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