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Chicano commencement

ATTENTION SENIORS If you would like to participate in chicano commencement please join us at our club meetings every other Wednesday in R201 as we begin to plan and discuss the details of this family filled event. 


ATTENTION 9th,10th, and 11th graders! If you are looking to help at this event and receive community service please stand by...or maybe sit because you might get tired. 

Community service

If you are in need of community service please click on the following link in order to sign up for viva calle SJ. At the event you will have the opportunity to host booths or guide those along the way, please click the link below for more information.


Latino Pride

"With odds stacked against many of us, we stood prepared for numerous tests

Eager to break the chains that discourage one from excelling, to be the very best

Perspective on things is clouded by the myth, education is an utter waste of time

Whomever views themselves a success without wisdom, is void of a single dime

The power of knowledge will authorize you to improve the quality of life you live

Be warned to avoid negativity and disbelief, since they don't have much to give

Often stereotyped by labels, we demonstrate the commitment we possess inside

Our heritage is on display, being celebrated here tonight we are proud of our...

                                                     Latino Pride!!"

- Creighton Lane



Multicultural is right around the corner! If you wish to participate in either the mix group or folklorico please contact a club officer for more information on how you can participate

About LSU

The purpose of the Latino Student Union is to develop unity among all students, to motivate one another to reach higher goals and standards in regards to education, and to encourage wider participation of Latinos in schoolwide activities. The LSU Club achieves its goals by providing opportunities for its members to participate in events, including trips to University Raza Days, the Multicultural Rally and the Chicano commencement.