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Our Mission statement

The Wilcox High School Science Department provides a comprehensive science curriculum designed to prepare students for higher learning,  independent thinking, and social responsibility in the 21st century.
Hands-on laboratory activities and scientific investigations are included in all classes.

Science Department Staff
Contact William Beadell  William Beadell (408) 423-2513 Science Department
Contact Mike Buncic  Mike Buncic (408) 423-2544 Science, Department Chairperson, Health Sciences Club Adviser
Contact Rosana Cayabyab-Vratny  Rosana Cayabyab-Vratny (408) 423-2558 Science, TOH Advisor
Contact Clarissa D'Souza  Clarissa D'Souza (408) 423-2508 Teacher
Contact Cory Dobos  Cory Dobos (408) 423-2540 Science, Speech & Debate Club Advisor, Chess Club Advisor
Contact Deana Dutton  Deana Dutton (408) 423-2572 Science, c/o 2022 Advisor, Softball Coach
Contact David Iverson  David Iverson (408) 423-2507 Science, Department Chair, CSF Advisor
Contact Michael McQuade  Michael McQuade (408) 423-2560 Science
Contact Erik Rutgers  Erik Rutgers (408) 423-2530 SAI Teacher (Science), Thespian Adviser, Varsity Football
Contact Mary Pat Slate  Mary Pat Slate (408) 423-2559 Science, c/o 2021 Advisor, Wilcox Animal Group (WAG) Advisor
Contact Mrs. Nalinee Srinivasan  Mrs. Nalinee Srinivasan (408) 423-2548 Science, Indian Club Advisor
Contact Christopher Vargas  Christopher Vargas (408) 423-2520 Science