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Social Science mission statement

Wilcox High School Social Science classes focus on furthering critical thinking skills and reading and writing development through the study of Modern History. Students in social science classrooms participate in a variety of instructional methods to extend their learning including: individual, small group, or whole class activities, analysis of political cartoons and film clips, engagement in debates and discussions, guest speakers, geography activities, journals, lectures, notebooks, posters, research, creation of PowerPoint presentations, and participation in role-playing and simulations

Social Science Department Staff
Andrew Bennett (408) 423-2457 Social Science, Model UN Club Adviser
Daniel Chaid (408) 423-2584 Social Science
Robert Chapman (408) 423-2516 Social Science
Karen Dow (408) 423-2590 Social Science, AVID, Polynesian Club Advisor
Jennifer Hight (408) 423-2582 Social Science, Model UN Advisor
Michael Melligan (408) 423-2516 Social Science
Stephanie Scott-Townsend (408) 423-2566 Social Science
Steven Simoni (408) 423-2512 Social Science
Ryan Soykin (408) 423-2558 Social Science, Acts of Random Kindness Club Advisor
Mark Stott (408) 423-2505 Social Science, Outlet Club Advisor