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Our Mission Statement

Using the power of math to make sense of the modern world. The Wilcox High School Math Department consists of dedicated teachers with close to 150 years of collective teaching experience. Many members of our staff have chosen to become teachers after having years of successful careers in a variety of industries including finance, chemistry, engineering, aeronautics, and computer science, many of our teachers hold advanced degrees in their fields, and all of our teachers are deeply committed to the success of our students.

Math Department Staff
Contact Kenny Contreras  Kenny Contreras (408) 423-2574 Mathematics. GAINS, Link Crew, & C/O 2019 Advisor. Induction Support Provider
Contact Olga Galperin  Olga Galperin (408) 423-2471 Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher, Yoga Club Advisor
Contact Karen Hardy  Karen Hardy (408) 423-2571 Mathematics, Computer Sci., S-Club Advisor, Programming Club Advisor, Robotics
Contact Bill Haughney  Bill Haughney (408) 423-2517 Mathematics, SAI Teacher (Mathematics)
Contact Craig Hedlund  Craig Hedlund (408) 423-2568 Mathematics, Dept. Chair, CSF Advisor
Contact Rila Hwang  Rila Hwang (408) 423-2565 Mathematics, Key Club Advisor
Contact Chad Jenkins  Chad Jenkins (408) 423-2535 Mathematics, C/O 2019 Class Advisor
Contact Lisa Kinneman  Lisa Kinneman (408) 423-2497 Mathematics
Contact Gregory Kraintz  Gregory Kraintz (408) 423-2553 Mathematics
Contact Lillian Kwiatkowski  Lillian Kwiatkowski (408) 423-2437 Mathematics, Computer Science, FASA Advisor
Contact Jeff Muralt  Jeff Muralt (408) 423-2533 Mathematics, Computer Science, FCA Advisor, Boys Tennis Coach
Contact Joey Rebustes  Joey Rebustes (408) 423-2591 Mathematics
Contact Rhodora Rebustes  Rhodora Rebustes (408) 423-2551 Mathematics
Contact Rex Riley  Rex Riley (408) 423-2472 Mathematics, Math Club Advisor
Contact Alla Sidorova  Alla Sidorova (408) 423-6529 Mathematics, Slavic Union and Support for EL Clubs Advisor, After School Tutor