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Welcome to Wilcox's                  English Department

Our Mission Statement 

The goal of the Wilcox High School English Department is to enable all students to cultivate, develop, and master the literacy and analytical tools they need to succeed now and beyond high school, in an every changing world. We are committed to focusing on high expectations, individual academic success, critical thinking, and creating a community of respect, reading and responsibility. 

Honors and AP Information 

Please click here to learn more about the application process and the courses we offer. 

Contact Daniel Burkhead  Daniel Burkhead (408) 423-2585 English, Girls JV Soccer Coach, Girls JV Lacrosse Coach
Contact Camille Courey  Camille Courey (408) 423-2519 English, M.E.S.A. Adviser
Contact Gayle DeLuca  Gayle DeLuca (408) 423-2543 English , Yearbook Advisor
Contact Rosella Guttadauro  Rosella Guttadauro (408) 423-2561 English, Dpt. Chair, Creative Writing Advisor, Active Students Against Cancer
Contact Chrissy Hunger  Chrissy Hunger (408) 423-2506 English
Contact Ian Jackson  Ian Jackson (408) 423-2527 English, Journalism, MSA Advisor
Contact Margit Look Henry  Margit Look Henry (408) 423-2502 SAI Teacher (English/Study Skills)
Contact Tomas Montes  Tomas Montes (408) 423-2495 SAI Teacher (English), C/O 2020 Advisor, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach
Contact Arianna Nuti  Arianna Nuti (408) 423-2573 English, JV Girls Volleyball Coach
Contact Mark Ooka  Mark Ooka (408) 423-2504 English
Contact Claire Robson  Claire Robson (408) 423-2518 English,Theater, Wilcox Stage Company
Contact Katharine Sandifer  Katharine Sandifer (408) 423-2541 English
Contact Thomas Shea  Thomas Shea (408) 423-2525 English, Creative Writing Club Advisor
Contact Janna Stone  Janna Stone (408) 423-2579 English
Contact Laura Stott Hardesty  Laura Stott Hardesty (408) 423-2589 English, Reading Intervention, Athletic Director