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Staff Directory

Contact Kristin Gonzalez  Kristin Gonzalez (408) 423-2401 Principal
Vice Principals
Contact Chandra Henry  Chandra Henry (408) 423-2403 Vice Principal -Counseling, Curriculum, & Instruction
Contact Matt Kolda  Matt Kolda (408) 423-2404 Vice Principal - Attendance, Technology, & Discipline (M-Z)
Contact Kathleen MacDonald  Kathleen MacDonald (408) 423-2409 Vice Principal - Activities, Facilities, & Communication
Contact George Niczewicz  George Niczewicz ex: (408) 423-2413 Vice Principal - Support Services, Discipline (A-L)
ASB Office
Contact Diane Lash  Diane Lash (408) 423-2428 ASB Secretary
Contact Kathleen MacDonald  Kathleen MacDonald (408) 423-2409 Vice Principal - Activities, Facilities, & Communication
Main Office
Contact Emerita Botello  Emerita Botello (408) 423-2411 Attendance
Contact Gina Cruzen  Gina Cruzen (408) 423-2408 Bookkeeper
Contact Caroline Gonzales  Caroline Gonzales (408) 423-2419 Health Clerk
Contact Michele Hernandez  Michele Hernandez (408) 423-2406 Registrar
Contact Carolyn Riley  Carolyn Riley (408) 423-2420 School Nurse
Contact Linda Smith  Linda Smith (408) 423-2417 Clerical Asst.
Contact Anna Thompson  Anna Thompson (408) 423-2410 School Secretary
Contact Glenn Aby  Glenn Aby (408) 423-2425 ex: 2425 Counselor: Han - Martinez
Contact Andrea Cabello  Andrea Cabello (408) 423-2593 Counselor: Pham- Sullivan
Contact Glenna Hall  Glenna Hall (408) 423-2494 Counselor: Cook - Ham
Contact Michael La Fleur  Michael La Fleur (408) 423-2412 Counselor: Martinez Cruz - Perei
Contact Christina Nelson Watkins  Christina Nelson Watkins (408) 423-2536 Counselor: Ab- Contreras
Contact Pam Pewitt  Pam Pewitt (408) 423-2414 Counseling Secretary
Contact Maria Theresa Sullivan  Maria Theresa Sullivan (408) 423-2575 Counseling Secretary
Contact Jan Yee  Jan Yee (408) 423-2531 Career Center
Contact Kathleen Smoot  Kathleen Smoot (408) 423-2431 Librarian
Performing Arts Center
Contact Jennifer Kohler  Jennifer Kohler (408) 423-2415 ex: 408-423-2598 Theater Technician
School Psychologist
Contact Amanda Maland  Amanda Maland Psychologist
Support Staff
Contact Sandra Hauck  Sandra Hauck Teacher's Aide
Contact Theresa Huether  Theresa Huether Teacher's Aide
Contact Brock Sager  Brock Sager Teacher's Aide
Contact Sue Souza  Sue Souza Teacher's Aide
Contact Kim Tracy  Kim Tracy (408) 431-0653 Teacher's Aide
Visually Impaired Room
Contact Joy Coe  Joy Coe ex: 423-4243 Visually Impaired
Vocational Education
Contact Kathy Lane  Kathy Lane (408) 423-2259 ex: 2259 Teacher
Contact Delores Melin  Delores Melin (408) 423-2495 Teacher
Wellness Program
Contact Sharon Kwan  Sharon Kwan (408) 423-2416 Wellness Coordinator
Contact Betty Sustaita-Duran  Betty Sustaita-Duran (408) 878-4398 Community Health Outreach Worker
Contact Sandra Alfonso  Sandra Alfonso Teacher
Contact Jozef Antolin  Jozef Antolin (408) 423-2538 ex: 2538 Teacher CTE/Automotive Technology
Contact Michael (David) Baumgartner  Michael (David) Baumgartner Teacher
Contact Mr. Beadell  Mr. Beadell (408) 423-2513 Teacher, Science Department
Contact Mr. Bennett  Mr. Bennett (408) 423-2457 Teacher-AP Euro, EL World, US History
Contact Nic Bonotto  Nic Bonotto (408) 423-2577 Ceramics Teacher / Visual and Performing Arts Dept. Chair
Contact Mr Buncic  Mr Buncic ex: 2544 Teacher
Contact Daniel Burkhead  Daniel Burkhead Teacher
Contact Mrs Cayabyab-Vratny  Mrs Cayabyab-Vratny (408) 423-2400 ex: ext 2558 Teacher
Contact Mr. Chaid  Mr. Chaid (408) 423-2584 Teacher
Contact Robert Chapman  Robert Chapman History Teacher
Contact Kenny Contreras  Kenny Contreras (408) 423-2574 Math Teacher. GAINS, Link Crew, & C/O 2019 Advisor. Induction Support Provider
Contact Camille Courey  Camille Courey (408) 423-2519 ex: 2519 English Teacher
Contact Sra. Covey  Sra. Covey (408) 423-2501 Spanish Teacher
Contact Cecile Cummings  Cecile Cummings (408) 423-2450 Teacher
Contact David Currie  David Currie (408) 423-2452 Physical Education Teacher - Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Contact Julia Daniels  Julia Daniels Teacher
Contact Ms. Gayle DeLuca  Ms. Gayle DeLuca (408) 423-2400 ex: 2543 English Teacher
Contact Cory Dobos  Cory Dobos (408) 423-2540 ex: 2540 Physics/AP Physics Teacher and Speech & Debate Club Advisor
Contact Karen Dow  Karen Dow ex: 2590 Social Science Teacher
Contact Teddi Duffy  Teddi Duffy (408) 423-2400 ex: 2562 AVID Teacher
Contact Deana Dutton  Deana Dutton (408) 423-2572 Chemistry Teacher / JV Softball Coach
Contact Mrs. Paula Estioko  Mrs. Paula Estioko (408) 423-2587 ex: 2587 Art Teacher / Anime Club Advisor
Contact Joycelyn Flores  Joycelyn Flores (408) 423-2440 Teacher
Contact Woody Freitas  Woody Freitas (408) 423-2435 Teacher
Contact Olga Galperin  Olga Galperin (408) 423-2471 Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher, Yoga Club Advisor
Contact Marc Gish  Marc Gish (408) 423-2537 Special Ed / Life Skills Teacher
Contact Rosella Guttadauro  Rosella Guttadauro (408) 423-2561 ex: 2561 English Teacher / Department Chair
Contact Velia Gándara-Solís  Velia Gándara-Solís (408) 423-2514 Spanish teacher / Link Crew Coordinator / Latino Student Union advisor
Contact Karen Hardy  Karen Hardy (408) 423-2571 Mathematics Teacher, Computer Science Teacher, Robotics Team Coach
Contact Dunia Hassan  Dunia Hassan (408) 423-2565 ex: 2565 Spanish Teacher
Contact Mr. Haughney  Mr. Haughney (408) 423-2517 Math Teacher and Case Manager
Contact Craig Hedlund  Craig Hedlund (408) 423-2568 Math Teacher, Dept. Chair, CSF Adviser
Contact Jennifer Hight  Jennifer Hight (408) 261-9257 ex: 2582 History Teacher
Contact Mrs. Chrissy Hunger  Mrs. Chrissy Hunger ex: 2506 Teacher
Contact Matthew Huth  Matthew Huth (408) 423-2546 ex: 2546 Phys Ed/Health Teacher/Soph Class Adviser/Coach: Girls Tennis; Baseball
Contact Rila Hwang  Rila Hwang (408) 423-2565 Teacher
Contact David Iverson  David Iverson (408) 423-2507 Science Dept Chair
Contact Ian Jackson  Ian Jackson (408) 423-2527 Teacher
Contact Chad Jenkins  Chad Jenkins (408) 423-2535 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Srta. Khurshudyan  Srta. Khurshudyan Teacher
Contact Mrs. Kinneman  Mrs. Kinneman (408) 423-2497 Math Teacher
Contact Kimberley Koslin Scott  Kimberley Koslin Scott (408) 423-2429 ex: 2429 Teacher
Contact Gregory Kraintz  Gregory Kraintz Teacher
Contact Ms. Kori Kurbiel  Ms. Kori Kurbiel (408) 423-2570 ex: 2570 SDC-Social Science
Contact Tomoki Kuwana  Tomoki Kuwana Teacher
Contact Lillian Kwiatkowski  Lillian Kwiatkowski (408) 423-2437 Mathematics Teacher, FASA advisor
Contact Bridgette Leslie  Bridgette Leslie Teacher
Contact Margit Look Henry  Margit Look Henry (408) 423-2502 Special Education Teacher: Basic English, Basic Study Skills
Contact April Lujan  April Lujan (408) 423-2434 ex: 2434 Physical Education/Health Teacher/Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach
Contact Kathleen MacDonald  Kathleen MacDonald Teacher
Contact Amy Magagna  Amy Magagna (408) 423-2427 ex: 2427 Special Education Teacher, adviser for Best Buddies and GSMA
Contact Rizi Manzon  Rizi Manzon Teacher
Contact Mecherie Wong McGilvery  Mecherie Wong McGilvery (408) 423-2443 Teacher
Contact Michael McQuade  Michael McQuade ex: 2560 Biology Teacher
Contact M Melligan  M Melligan (408) 423-2516 Social Science Teacher
Contact Tomas Montes,  Tomas Montes, Teacher
Contact Heather Morton  Heather Morton (408) 423-2400 ex: 2503 Art Teacher
Contact Jeff Muralt  Jeff Muralt (408) 423-2533 Math/CS Teacher, Boys Tennis Coach, FCA Advisor
Contact Mrs. Elia Neto  Mrs. Elia Neto (408) 423-2443 Teacher
Contact Thuy Nishio  Thuy Nishio (408) 423-2525 ex: 2525 French Teacher (world languages Department)
Contact Arianna Nuti  Arianna Nuti (408) 423-2573 Teacher / JV Girls' Volleyball Coach
Contact Mr. Ooka  Mr. Ooka (408) 423-2400 Teacher
Contact A. Peoples  A. Peoples ex: 2547 Teacher
Contact Eric Perez  Eric Perez (408) 423-2579 ex: 2579 English Teacher
Contact Becky Piscitelli  Becky Piscitelli (408) 423-2400 ex: 2572 Teacher
Contact Anthony Raffetto  Anthony Raffetto (408) 423-2583 Business Teacher, DECA Adivser
Contact Joey Rebustes  Joey Rebustes (408) 423-2591 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Rhodora Rebustes  Rhodora Rebustes (408) 423-2551 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Griselda Renteria  Griselda Renteria (408) 423-2580 ex: 2580 Special Education Teacher
Contact Rex Riley  Rex Riley (408) 423-2472 Mathematics Teacher
Contact Ms. Robson  Ms. Robson ex: 2518 English/Theater Teacher
Contact Paul Rosa  Paul Rosa (408) 423-2447 Teacher
Contact Erik Rutgers  Erik Rutgers ex: 2530 RSP/BSC Science Special Education Teacher
Contact Steven Sanders  Steven Sanders (408) 423-2426 ex: 2426 Science Teacher, Envir'l TOSA
Contact Katharine Sandifer  Katharine Sandifer Teacher
Contact Anna Santana  Anna Santana Teacher
Contact Ms. Stephanie Scott-Townsend  Ms. Stephanie Scott-Townsend (408) 423-2566 Teacher
Contact Thomas Shea  Thomas Shea (408) 423-2525 English teacher
Contact Alla Sidorova  Alla Sidorova (408) 423-6529 Math Teacher
Contact Steven Simoni  Steven Simoni (408) 423-2512 ex: 2512 Teacher
Contact Ms. MP Slate  Ms. MP Slate (408) 423-2559 ex: 2559 Biology and Independent Study (WILL) Teacher
Contact Richard South  Richard South (408) 423-2456 Music Teacher
Contact Ryan Soykin  Ryan Soykin (408) 423-2558 Social Science Teacher
Contact Mrs. N. Srinivasan  Mrs. N. Srinivasan (408) 423-2400 ex: 2548 Science Teacher(AP Biology & Biology)
Contact Yana Staroselsky Costa  Yana Staroselsky Costa (408) 423-2523 EL Support Teacher
Contact Janna Stone  Janna Stone Teacher
Contact Laura Stott Hardesty  Laura Stott Hardesty (408) 423-2589 English Teacher / Athletic Director
Contact Mark Stott  Mark Stott (408) 423-2505 ex: x2505 Social Science Teacher
Contact Itsuko Tamaki  Itsuko Tamaki (408) 423-2576 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Cathy Thornton  Mrs. Cathy Thornton (408) 423-2491 Resource Teacher
Contact Kristin Traudt  Kristin Traudt (408) 423-2581 Teacher
Contact Mrs. Trisko  Mrs. Trisko (408) 423-2542 ex: 2542 Fashion Design, Individual & Family Life, On Your Own Teacher and FCCLA Advisor
Contact James Unangst  James Unangst (408) 423-2460 ex: 2460 Teacher
Contact Christopher Vargas  Christopher Vargas (408) 423-2520 Science Teacher
Contact Ms. Jennifer Woo  Ms. Jennifer Woo (408) 423-2564 Spanish Teacher