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Heather Morton

About the Teacher

Mrs. Morton's class schedule:

1st: Intro to Art

2nd Intro to Art

3rd Intro to Art

4th Prep

5th Advanced Placement Studio Art: 2 Dimensional Design and Drawing

6th Intro to Art


Email is the best way to contact me: Mrs. Morton's Email


Hi! My name is Heather Morton and I am privileged to be starting my 16th year as a Visual Arts Teacher. I graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Art Education from Austin Peay State University, where I was also a four year scholarship recipient in the sport of softball. I have a true passion for teaching aesthetics, not just being able to "draw." Craftsmanship, presentation, and articulation are just a few things will be learned in my classroom that can be used in all subject areas and beyond. Responsibility and time management will also be an area of focus for my classes. I will make updates and announcements for changes in deadlines and to communicate enrichment opportunities that may come available through Google Classroom. As students' ability levels change from year to year, it also changes from project to project. The pacing guide is only a guide, not set in stone, so as the deadlines for projects approach there might be a need to alter them. Google Classroom will keep students  up to date on all activities within the Art Room, including an opportunity for students work to be displayed. I will also send out alerts with important upcoming events such as deadlines and large assessments.


About the Visual Arts Curriculum:

Wilcox High School currently offers four sections in the Traditional Visual Arts. Intro to Art, where students have the opportunity to learn the basics about the foundations of creating art. They will also learn how those Elements are combined to create the Principles of Design. They will learn how to evaluate art using Formal Art Criticism through writing.  Acrylic and Watercolor, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Graphite, Textured paper and Markers are some of the mediums that will be used. Collage, Painting, Printmaking, Observational Drawing, and Sculpture are a few technique basics they will learn throughout the year. Students will be required to SHOW or demonstrate their knowledge of what is being taught in the classroom by completing technique and medium specific projects. The highest weighted evaluation in the visual arts classroom is the art work/projects students will complete. It is essential that the students complete every project so that they can SHOW or demonstrate what they have learned, without that proof their progress cannot be assessed, therefore a grade cannot be awarded.

After completing Intro to Art, which can be done anytime during the high school career, the student can take Advanced Drawing and Painting. This class is divided up by media during each semester. First semester is focused on dry media, where students draw on various levels, cartooning, fantasy, realistic, still life etc. Second semester is focused on wet media, where students begin to deepen their knowledge of painting. This course is moving instruction and application from the beginning phases onto mastery. At this level the students are exploring their own personal aesthetics and style within the project objectives. It is here where they begin to make their own creative journey.

If a student chooses to further study art after completing Advanced Drawing and Painting they can take the Advanced Placement Studio Art Class in EITHER, Drawing or 2 Dimensional Design. This is an opportunity to create a portfolio and submit it to the College Board for review, of which they are eligible to receive 3 college credits if they score a 3 or higher on the review. The portfolio is created in three parts, Breadth 12 individual pieces of work, Concentration 12 individual pieces of work both sections will be submitted through a digital portfolio. The third part is the Quality section which consists of 5 works that are sent in for an in-person review of their work. The content for the class is guided; however it is the intent of the class for the artist to emerge from the student, most specifically during the second semester. Prerequisites for this course are either taking Advanced Draw and Paint OR through a digital portfolio submission of at least, but not limited to 5 examples of your best work.

It is not always the end result of a beautifully drawn or painted picture, but the process that can change one's perspective and broaden the mind to a new way of viewing things.

I look forward to sharing more about "The Wilcox Art Department" with you very soon....