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Late Work and Corrections Policy


There is a chapter test after each chapter.

You cannot make corrections to the tests. All test grades are final.

If you missed a test, you have exactly one week to complete it. After that, you will receive a grade zero.



There is a Quiz after each section of each chapter.

You can make corrections to any quiz and resubmit the quiz no more than once with a possibility to receive full credit. 

All corrections and make ups are due one day before the chapter test.


Packets/Daily work

Packets are due for submission on the indicated date.

If you are absent on a day the packet was due, you have to arrange the extension with your teacher.



To receive full credit, you must submit your homework on time. You can make up your homework for half credit if you staple it to your HW chart and submit no later then one day before the chapter test.

Alla Sidorova

Mrs. Sidorova's Schedule
Period  Class
2nd    WILL
3rd Trigonometry/Precalculus
4th Trigonometry/Precalculus 
5th Calculus
6th Prep
7th Algebra 1
3:30-4:30 After school tutoring: Monday and Wednesday


After School Tutoring

We are planning to start after school tutoring on the 20thof August 2018 and continue until the last day of school.

Please, come if you need help with your assignments, or  to prepare for the test, or to do your group project, or just to type an essay. The tutoring starts after 6th period in Mr. Contreras room P 101 and then moves to Mrs. Sidorova room P 107 after 7th.

Everybody is welcome!



Contact info:


(408) 423-2438

A quote about math

When you can measure what you are talking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it.

       Lord William Thomson Kelvin (1824-1907)