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Exploring Computer Science

Exploring Computer Science students learned HTML and then designed their own websites on anything that interested them. The website is hosted by Santa Clara University and is a competition between the other schools in the area.


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May 13, 2013

A Wilcox student has been selected for the prestigious Stanford RISE Summer Internship Program, which will include full time in a research laboratory for the summer. The Wilcox student will be working with researchers on stormwater treatment.

Stormwater can contain many contaminants such as pesticides, flame retardants, and corrosion inhibitors. Amending stormwater infiltration basins with geomedia could enhance the removal of these contaminants. This project investigates the use of several types of natural chars for stormwater treatment. Batch experiments will be performed by mixing contaminant in a slurry composed of char and simulated stormwater. After mixing, samples will be sacrificed to determine the amount of contaminant left in solution. Contaminants to be studied will be chosen from the following: pendimethalin, prometon, fipronil, bifenthrin, and diuron (pesticides), and benzotriazoles (corrosion inhibitors). The student will be responsible for most benchwork which includes using a balance to measure chars, preparation of synthetic stormwater, amending char slurries with contaminant, and sampling at predetermined time intervals.