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Paul Rosa

Physical Education Teacher


Head Football Coach // Athletic Director


Phone -- 408-423-2447


Email --


Paul Rosa Locker

1st Period -- Freshmen Core

2nd Period -- Freshmen Core

3rd Period -- PREP

4th Period -- Freshman Core

5th and 6th Period -- PREP

7th Period -- Sports PE

Injured Student...


P.E. Class - When Your Child is Injured

If your student experiences an injury that temporarily limits his/her physical ability, s/he may continue to earn PE credit through modified activity.  Please have the doctor provide a note indicating what specific activities your child can do, OR have the doctor complete and sign this form.  Your child should then give the form to the school nurse, who will review and inform the P.E. teacher.  NOTE: PE Modification Forms for doctor’s signature are given and explained to PE students at the beginning of each quarter.