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Mecherie McGilvery


PHYSICAL EDUCATION                                        Mrs. McGilvery



            Physical education classes identify certain health, sport and fitness concepts that will empower the students to be able to exercise, and to compose a workout or play a game on their own while knowing the correct fundamental skills and safety precautions.


  • BE academically excellent by…
    • Reading, comprehending, and producing a variety of materials in a variety of fields of study.
    • Being self-directed and determined in your educational endeavors.
    • Maximizing the development of your intellectual capacities.
  • Be a CHARGER citizen who…
    • Actively participates in the community and acts as a caretaker of the environment.
    • Respects diversity.
    • Demonstrates integrity, responsibility, and perseverance.
  • Be a STRONG critical thinker and communicator who…
    • Demonstrates critical thought.
    • Clearly conveys information and ideas in written and visual form.

Speaks with clarity and listens to understand


  • ALL school rules will be followed in my classroom environment.
  • Be ON TIME for class – inside the locker room by the tardy bell and the class roll call within five minutes.
  • SUIT UP FOR P.E. in the Wilcox athletic shirt/shorts combination uniform with safe athletic shoes. Plain black or grey  sweat pants and sweatshirts are permitted.  Students may also wear a plain grey t-shirt and mesh, black shorts (with no pockets and a 9 inch inseam).  Please see Parent/Student Handbook. Students may not wear the clothes they wore to school under their PE uniform.  It will be considered a non-suit.
  • Participate ACTIVELY for the ENTIRE class period.
  • Refer to Parent/Student Handbook for cheating policy.
  • Respect fellow students, instructor, and school property.
  • NO FOOD or DRINKS in classroom or in P.E (Water is OK).
  • Stay with the class in the P.E. area until dismissed by the teacher or the bell. If second roll call is taken and the student is not on their number, then they will be marked absent.
  • Be responsible for his/her combination lock. Each student is assigned a school lock and locker for the entire time they are in physical education class and are expected to use it accordingly. Detentions will be issued for students that habitually leave their belongings unlocked. Backpacks and cell phones should not be brought out to class. Should the student lose or misplace their lock they will be charged $8 for a replacement. Students that leave their personal belongings outside of a locker or in an unlocked locker may receive detention after school.



  • They may include any of the following: loss of points from overall grade, warning, referral, detention, or dismissal from class.
  • Tardies
    • 4  –  6 tardies = One hour detention    
    • 7  –  9 tardies = two hour detention
    • 10 – 12 tardies = Referral for Saturday school
  • Non-suits
    • 4 non-suits = 1 hour detention
    • 3 non-suits in a row = 1 hour detention
    • EACH non-suit after 4 = 2 hour detention
    • Referral per teachers discretion for excessive non-suits




The quarterly grade for Physical Education is based on:

  • Every student will receive 10 points each hour for being in class, dressed in proper uniform and participating in class activities the entire class time.
  • Fitness runs are performed during the block days
    • the students get 10 points for four laps  in 20 minutes. 8 points for 3 laps in 20 minutes. Less than 3 laps 0 points. No points are earned for any laps completed over 20 minutes.
      • Wednesday periods 2, 4 and 6
      •  Thursday periods 1, 3 and 5


60% = Participation (sportsmanship, behavior and attitude)   

20%= Fitness Runs

20%= Skill tests


Mask Requirements


All students must wear a mask outdoors when they are within 6 feet of other


  • There are exemptions for middle and high school athletic programs and physical education. Athletics will follow CIF or league authority guidance. During physical education, the teacher has the discretion about masking requirements outdoors.

  • The principal has the discretion to put in more restrictive masking requirements outdoors as necessary.

  • All adults must wear a mask outdoors when within 6 feet of a student.

Academic integrity policy/cheating/dishonest in classroom

purpose: To ensure intellectual honesty by creating a fair and consistent policy that clearly defines cheating and its consequences.

cheating is engaging in any form of academic dishonesty, such as:

  • plagiarism (representing the work or ideas of others as your own without proper acknowledgement)
  • cheating (copying the work of another person, falsifying laboratory data, or sabotaging the work of others)
  • other acts generally understood to be dishonest by students in an academic context:
    • Allowing someone else to turn in your work as his or her own.
    • Using or distributing an exam or teaching materials without permission.
    • Using unauthorized material for any exam, assignment or project.
  • There are 3 levels of violations – see Student/Parent Handbook for detailed information (pgs. 23-25)



-10 pts                   NON-SUITS               

-5 pts                     NOT WEARING FULL UNIFORM                

-2 pts.                    TARDIES






            FIVE MINUTES DRESS TIME is allowed at the beginning and end of class. Students are not to be in the Locker Room while other students are out in classes. Restrooms will be open in the gyms for students use. Swimming will be allowed more time to shower.




            Make-up work will be allowed for absences, medical excuse from participation, counseling appointment, and field trips. Make-up work is NOT permitted for suit cuts.  Make-ups must be completed within two weeks of the absence (if health permits).  After two weeks, the student will be able to earn 10% of the participation points for the day or assignment



Make up Day:  Prior arrangement must be made with the student and the teacher to determine which day works best to complete the make-ups during Tutorial.

  • If the student missed a regular day (Monday, Tuesday or Friday) the make-up consists  on running one mile.  
  • If the student missed a block day (Wednesday or Thursday) the make-up consist on running 2 and a half miles to make up the regular participation as well as his/her fitness run.
  • Finals can not be made-up after school or during Tutorial.  If a student misses the day of the final or is not dressed and ready to participate, he/she will receive an incomplete and will have one year to attend finals during a different semester. Incompletes not made -up within a year automatically change to an F.





            Students may be excused from an activity with a parent’s note, up to three days, but with a pending make-up for each day missed. Medical excuses longer than three days must be cleared through the Nurse’s Office with a medical note and the student will need to have a medical doctor fill out a activity modification form which can be obtained from the nurse’s office.


Current Assignments