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Amy Peoples

Amy Peoples

Bonjour et bienvenue!  Hello and welcome!  Hola y bienvenidos! 



Thank you/ Merci/ Gracias for checking this site!  This year, our classes together are:  French 2, AVID 10, and AVID 12.

I am looking forward to a great school year with you all!


If you need to contact me, please send me an email at: or come by my room during SSR/ Tutorial.

Please remember, Schoolloop is a helpful resource, but not a substitute for being in class and/ or asking the questions for which you need answers.  :)

About AVID

"AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society."




Our Wilcox AVID Team's Vision is "We value the AVID College Readiness System at Wilcox High School because we believe that AVID strategies are effective in ensuring that students have support for and access to challenging curriculum, in order to prepare them for college and for careers."  

Homework and Late Policy

Homework is a chance to practice what we are learning, outside of class.  Please get in contact with me if you have any questions about what I am asking you to do for your assignment or if you have any questions about a grade that you received. 


If I assign homework/ a project to you, I want you to do it before the next class starts, or in the time assigned.  I want you to have it ready at the beginning of class.  (Homework/ projects are not always posted in advance on Schoolloop;  please make sure to pay attention in class.)  If you are absent, please have your work ready to turn in upon your return.  Exceptionally late work will not earn full credit  (If a project is due, with time given in class to complete it, and you want to do it multiple weeks later to avoid a zero, you will not earn full credit on the assignment;  one to two points will be deducted).

I don't want you to have a zero (or "m" or "a") in the gradebook, so speak with me so we can get some points in the gradebook.  I want you to actually DO the assignments for a reason, so late work is always better than no work at all.  Copying assignments/ Google translating is not acceptable and you will not receive full credit for your assignment. 

Additionally, keep in mind that I often grade in "piles," so please be patient with me as I update grades.  

Thank you for choosing French and/ or AVID;  I am excited to get to know you and to work with you throughout the year!