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Parent Education

Upcoming Events

Dear Wilcox Parents!

We welcome you to attend our excellent Parent Ed programs for up to date information and understanding of issues facing students.

These programs are brought to you by your Wilcox PTSA.

*All Parent Ed programs are free admission but require sign up thru Eventbrite. Links will be sent through school loop and the Wilcox Parent Yahoo group.

Students and parents are all invited to attend these programs.


February 5, 2020

7-8:30pm in the  Wilcox Theater

Impact: Teen Driver Program

This is a free event! Parents and Students are all welcome. 

Please RSVP to save your seat at 

 Teen safe driving talk tickets

This program is a deeply meaningful and educational program for all our families, community and our current/soon to be teen drivers. It is a program we feel should be seen by all families.

Learn about teen driving requirements and limitations and distracted driving in this day and age of electronic devices.

Learn about:

-Strategies to keep your kids safe on the roads

-Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) laws 

-How YOU can help stop the #1 killer of teens in America — reckless and distracted driving

Facts to consider:

-You need 50 hours of supervised driving experience with an adult to obtain a California driver's license.

-It takes only 6 hours of supervised behind the wheel experience with a certified driving instructor to get a California driver’s license. Yet, a manicurist must complete 400 hours under supervision to be licensed in the state of California.

-Teen drivers are at the highest risk.The crash rate (per mile driven) for 16 year olds is four times that of adult drivers.

-Having passengers is a serious distraction for teen drivers. Carrying 3 or more passengers increases the risk of a crash for 16 and 17 year olds three-fold compared to driving alone.

Thank you!

Shannon and Suzy

Parent Ed. Co-Chairs