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Parent Education

Upcoming Events

Dear Wilcox Families, 

Your PTSA Parent Ed team has been hard at work preparing programs for this year! 

We think these will provide a nice variety of topics that will appeal to many different groups. We try to keep all events FREE thanks to support from Wilcox PTSA and parent donations. There will be email reminders sent out during the year prior to the event. Please join the Wilcox Parent Yahoo group so that you can receive these emails and stay connected with the school/parent community. Lastly, we ask everyone to reserve seats thru Eventbrite throughout the year for each individual event to help us track interest, manage attendance and provide snacks.

Aug 28, 2019 Wilcox Student Alumni Panel on the college process and life after Wilcox HS

Nervous about college Applications? Unsure where to apply or how to get started? Come meet our panel of experienced former Wilcox students attending a variety of universities now. Learn the answers to these questions and more! Universities represented: TBD (last year 2018 we had UCLA, UC-Irvine, UCSD, Cal Poly SLO, University of San Diego, San Diego State, Chico State and more!)

September 12, 2018 - Stress Management - What can we do to protect the youth from the stress of this modern world?  - Dr. Leena A. Khanzode, MD. If you missed this event, the Power Point presentation is available by clicking the link below:

Strategies to Manage Stress in Teens WilcoxHS.pptx (PPTX)

October 10, 2018 at the Wilcox / Mission City Center Theater

 Teen Stress and Anxiety: What to Do?   

by Felicia Barr, M.A., LMFT

Through uncertainty in the midst of social media, the race for success and the life-long journey of getting to know the self, this talk helps parents prepare and support their child in times of stress and understanding when stress becomes anxiety. 

October 24, 2018 7-8:30pm at the Wilcox / Mission City Center Theater 

Re-Booting Face-to-Face Communication Skills in Our Kids 

by Michele Garcia Winner, MA - CCC

Social media, computer gaming and smart phones are gobbling up the social attention of teenagers, potentially changing their brain functioning. Social anxiety and depression appear to be on the rise as social communication skills are waning. In this talk, Michele will explore practical ways to re-engage our teens in what their brains are designed to do – talk to each other! We will also explore strategies to manage the stressors that face-to-face communication brings now that individuals can seek safety and comfort by escaping through the looking glass of the digital device. In this practical session, we will discuss social competencies, social emotions, self-regulation and the social-emotional-chain-reaction, positive psychology and the power of kindness to one’s self in the now.  

November 15, 2018 7pm at Wilcox High School Theater

Title: Improving the Health and Well-being of Overworked, Undernourished Children Today;  Your Child is Not a Start-Up

by Dr. Ronesh Sinha, MD, Internal Medicine and Dr. Shally Sinha MD, Pediatrics

These physicians explore how today's culture of "type A" parenting, even with the best of intentions is resulting in chronic emotional and physical health conditions in children and teens. Chronic stress, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and abnormal cholesterol used to be adult conditions but have now become common in today's youth. Kids are also experiencing problems with growth and development due to high stress living.

You'll learn the following in this seminar:

 Overcoming our addiction to over-scheduling kids/teens 
 How to better manage stress and other common emotional issues in children 
 Common nutritional imbalances in today's kids/teens 
 Foods and behaviors that improve health, mood, brain and athletic performance in kids (and adults) 
Time-saving tips for busy families. 
January 24, 2019 - Teen Communication - How to engage with your teen in emotionally charged situations - Eran Magen, PhD, Psychologist - Founder and Scientific Director, Center for Supportive Relationships

February 6, 2019 - "The Romance of Risk" -Sheila Dubin, MS - Parent Guidance Counselor