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Mock Trial Team

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What is the Mock Trial Team?

Do you want to be a lawyer? Are you good at debating and arguing your opinion, or are you just dramatic!? The Mock Trial Team may be the place for you! Participating in Mock Trial is a cross between Theater and Debate with some Junior Statesmen of America thrown in! The Mock Trial Club prepares all fall and winter to compete in the annual Santa Clara County high school Mock Trial Competition where students play the roles of Attorneys and Witnesses in front of an actual judge in an actual courtroom.  Part memorized roles and part improvisation, our team members need to both act their parts and improvise responses to the questions asked by the Attorneys. Our Defense and Prosecution Attorneys must become experts on the Constitutional Amendments relevant to the crime in the Case, and become familiar with several Supreme and State court rulings to build their cases for/against the Defendant. During the competition, our student the Attorneys use many of the procedures for presenting a case that would be used in an actual courtroom, including objecting to the other team’s questions, introducing evidence, calling witnesses, and direct and cross examination.

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