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Lupus Run Race Timing
Lupus Run Race Timing

What is Dads, Grads & Moms (a.k.a DGM) and how does DGM help the school and students?

Dads, Grads, & Moms is one of the parent-run booster groups that is directly enhancing the entire Wilcox High School Community. Money raised goes to help sports, school clubs, non-sports teams and has helped pay for school enhancements such as the scoreboard for water polo, field upgrades, and gym equipment. We offer scholarships each year to graduating seniors who are going to college. We also have sent classes and clubs on field trips and given donations to Wilcox Associations/Clubs selected by our members with their paid membership each year. Our donations to various teams and groups given in the past have averaged over $20,000 per year.

Yearly fundraising activities each school year that we need your help with include:

  • Snack Bar help, at one or more of the Home Football Games  (Work a 1 ½ hr shift in the snack bar prepping food or cashiering) 
  • Staff a booth at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival Soda Booth  (Work a 1 ½ hr shift at our booth supervising students who handle the water and soda sales)
Booster logo
DGM Board

Marc Lund, President

Mike Karas, Treasurer

Djuna Archer, 1st VP, Membership Chair and Secretary

Open, 2nd VP, Communications and Volunteer Coordinator

Mike Karas, Snack Bar Chair and Manager

Andrea Karas, Snack Bar Chair and Manager

Becky Kenoyer, Snack Bar Chair and Manager

Kimber Gollaher, Webmaster

Kathleen MacDonald, Administrative Liaison

Paul Rosa, Athletic Rep

Laura Stott Hardesty, Athletic Rep