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Honorary Service

HSA 2019-20 Recipients
PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2019-20
Wilcox PTSA Honorary Service Awards 2019-20

Wilcox PTSA Honorary Service Awards

Every year the Wilcox PTSA recognizes people for their above and beyond contribution to our school and community.  This year is no different in that regard.  We would like to recognize the following award recipients;

Mindy Trisko - Outstanding Teacher
Mrs. Trisko is being recognized for her work not only as a teacher but also for her continued service to Wilcox’s Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) program. Through her work students get a taste of real-world careers as well as get to participate with the yearly fashion show. She has been described as “a teacher with so much heart” and was nominated not only for the care she shows her students but also her outstanding teaching methods.

Cathy Thornton - Outstanding Teacher
Mrs. Thornton was nominated due to her work as a Resource Specialist. Mrs. Thornton has provided guidance to many students, encouraging them to succeed in both academic and life skills. In addition, Mrs. Thornton has brought the Animal Assisted Happiness Club to Wilcox. This club enriches student’s lives through interactions with animals, providing joy to many Wilcox students.

Velia Gandara-Solis - Outstanding Teacher
Mrs. Gandara-Solis was nominated for not only her teaching but also her work as the Link Crew Coordinator and Latino Student Union Advisor. She is known “not only as an amazing teacher, but also a great and understanding person to talk to.” She was also a part of the core team that started Wilcox’s freshman orientation for Spanish speaking parents. Her work with Wilcox students over the years is known by students, parents, and teachers alike.

William “Brad” Beadell - Outstanding Teacher
Mr. Beadell was nominated for his ability to get students curious, and passionate, not only about biology but the world outside his classroom. He has done this through activities such as the virtual reality lab and his lessons regarding the Coronavirus. As stated in his nomination, Mr. Beadell “leaves a lasting impression on all who are lucky enough to know him, and experience learning from him.”

Principal Kristin Gonzalez - Outstanding Administrator
Principal Gonzalez is recognized for being a steady leader through the most difficult school year. From the fall to the end of the school year she has been calm and deliberate in her communications with the Wilcox community. She regularly attends school board meetings and has worked hard to have timely communication with regular updates to the Charger community. We are thankful for her leadership in guiding Wilcox through the past year.

Leslie Kloes – Golden Oak
Leslie Kloes has held leadership positions for over 10 years at different levels of PTSA. She has been described as courageous, advocative, passionate, and empathetic. She is tireless in doing what is right for Wilcox and its students. Mrs. Kloes is known not only for her leadership skills but also on how she leads by example. She is being recognized for her many years of dedicated service to SCUSD community and beyond.

Shanta Dominguez – Golden Oak
Shanta Dominguez is known for her immeasurable guidance and support with PTSA at the Unit, Council, and District levels. She is the “go-to” person for all questions about PTSA. She guides PTAs all over the county, thus empowering numerous parents in providing their school a more welcoming and involved community. Her knowledge and wisdom continue to keep PTSA on the right path and keep the mission of PTSA at the core of all its activities. Mrs. Dominguez is being recognized for her guidance to PTSA for 17+ years throughout the county and beyond.

Luann Wang – Golden Oak
Luann Wang has provided support to PTSA and Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club for over 10 years. No role is too small or too big: packet stuffing, serving food at the Snack Shack, treasurer, Senior Send-Off Chairperson twice, and SASC team manager, volunteer director, and assistant tournament director. She is known for being approachable, easy to work with, reliable, and inclusive. Ms. Wang is being recognized for her years of help and support as well as her dedication to the Charger community and beyond.

Instrumental Music Booster Board – Honorary Service
The Board of the Wilcox Instrumental Music Boosters is composed of Mathew Thankachan, Margaret Bergmann, Ron Starnes, and Diana Morlang. Many of these board members continue to serve even though they no longer have students at Wilcox. The Board organizes and buys the necessary music equipment for all the music groups at Wilcox, supports the band director both in and outside of class, as well as organizes and volunteers at their fundraising projects. The Board is being recognized for their support, dedication, and time to the Wilcox Music Program so that this program continues to thrive.

Karas Family – Continuing Service
Mike, Debbie, and Andrea Karas are dedicated volunteers that fundraise for all Wilcox students through the Dads, Grads, and Moms (DGM) program. This family is most known for its tireless management of the Football Snack Shack. Every game you see them preparing, BBQing, restocking, cooking, serving, and cleaning. In addition, Mike and his family serve on the DGM board and support other events throughout the year. The Karas family is being recognized for their 25+ years of dedication and support to the Charger community.

Margaret Horoszko - Very Special Person -
Margret Horoszko is being recognized for the numerous hours she has volunteered through her many years with children at Wilcox. You saw her in the Football Snack Shack on Friday nights, but behind the scene, she participated in the mentoring program, fundraised for the color guards, and supported the Santa Clara Sister Cities’ exchange student program. Even though her children have graduated, she plans to stay involved with DGM. Mrs. Horoszko is being recognized for her years of dedication in various programs which support the Charger community.

We wish to thank the recipients for their service!  Congratulations!

Jay Amin, Jolene Soares, Michael Goodson, Kristen Manies

Wilcox PTSA HSA Committee

What is Honorary Service

The Honorary Service Award is given to individuals by the PTSA in recognition of outstanding service to children and youth. The HSA Program includes the Honorary Service Award, Continuing Service Award, Golden Oak Service Award, Very Special Person Award, Outstanding Teacher Award, Outstanding Administrator Award, and donations to the HSA Program. A person may receive more than one of any of these awards.

Honorary Service Awards (HSA) are available to recognize the service and dedication of both individuals and organizations. They may be awarded only by unit, council, district PTA and the California State PTA and should be presented by duly authorized PTA representatives at PTSA sponsored meetings or at functions of allied groups.

Funds contributed to the HSA Program provide resources for the California Scholarship and Grant Program (Scholarships 7.28, 338; Grants 7.17, 312). The Wilcox PTSA contributes thirty dollars for each recipient to the Honorary Service Award Fund to the California Congress of Parents and Teachers. This revolving fund makes loans to deserving students in different fields of education beyond high school.

A Continuing Service Award may be given to a person who has previously received an Honorary Service Award.

Names of candidates for the Honorary Service Award, along with lists of current and past contributions, may be submitted each Spring.


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Candidates for the Honorary Service Award will be evaluated by a committee, which will select one or two awardees, who are recognized by the PTSA during a special presentation ceremony(ies).

Additional information regarding Honorary Service Awards may be found on the California State PTA website at


Wilcox PTSA honorary service awards

Very Special Person (VSP) may be given to recognize an individual or group. 

Honorary Service (HSA) may be given to an individual or organization in special recognition of outstanding service to children and youth. 

Continuing Service (CSA) may be given to an individual or organization in special recognition of continued service to children and youth, and may or may not have received a California State PTA Honorary Service Award. 

Outstanding Teacher (OTA) may be given to recognize a teacher for outstanding service to children and youth.

Outstanding Administrator (OAA) may be given to recognize an administrator for outstanding service to children and youth.

Golden Oak (GOSA) is the most prestigious PTA award in California. This award may be given to an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to the welfare of children and youth in the school or community.