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Health Office Information

Health Office Guidelines


Report illness absences on the attendance Line: 408-423-2405. A doctor’s note may be required to excuse extended absences or if your student has already missed more than 10% of school.

If a student develops symptoms of illness at school, they should check in to the health office with a pass from class. Parent/guardian will be contacted, if indicated.

Please do not send your child to school if they have had a fever over 100°F or vomiting and/or diarrhea within the previous 24 hours, an undiagnosed rash, or severe illness.


Any student who must take medication (prescription or over the counter) during school hours may be assisted by school staff provided there is: a written prescription from the health care provider detailing the name of the medication, dosage, time to be given, frequency, route and duration and a written parental request.

Forms available in the office or you can find under the "Link to Forms" section on this page. Forms must be renewed each year.

Any student who wishes to carry and self-administer prescription emergency medication must submit a written statement from their health care provider that the student is able to self-administer such medication, and a statement from the parent consenting to the self-administration, as well as a release.

Forms available in the office or you can find under the "Link to Forms" section on this page. Forms must be renewed each year.

Severe allergic reaction form: If your child has an emergency auto-injector for anaphylaxis, please have your health care provider complete this form (provide link) (or their equivalent).


Need PE modification?

If your student experiences an injury or illness that temporarily limits their physical ability, they may continue to earn PE credit through modified activity.  Please have the doctor provide a note indicating what specific activities your child can do OR have the doctor complete and sign this form.  Submit the letter or form to the health office for the school nurse to review for PE teacher.

Need an elevator key?

If condition is such that stair climbing is not advisable, bring a doctor’s note to the health office requesting elevator use and specifying duration.


If you have a concern about your student’s vision or hearing, please contact the school nurse for a screening.


If you have a concern about your child’s new or chronic health condition and its impact on learning or safety at school that has not already been addressed, please reach out to the school nurse.

Contact Information
  Yen Do-Gorlero (408) 423-2420 Nurse
  Lisa Longoria (408) 423-2419 Health Assistant