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Staff Directory

Contact Kristin Gonzalez  Kristin Gonzalez (408) 423-2401 Principal
Vice Principals
Contact Bill Chapman  Bill Chapman Vice Principal - School Safety & Instruction, Dean of Students
Contact Matt Kolda  Matt Kolda (408) 423-2404 Vice Principal - Attendance, Counseling, Curriculum & Technology
Contact Kathleen MacDonald  Kathleen MacDonald (408) 423-2409 Vice Principal - Activities, Facilities, & Communication
Contact George Niczewicz  George Niczewicz (408) 423-2402 Vice Principal - Student Support Services
ASB Office
Contact Diane Lash  Diane Lash (408) 423-2428 ASB Secretary
Contact Kathleen MacDonald  Kathleen MacDonald (408) 423-2409 Vice Principal - Activities, Facilities, & Communication
Main Office
Contact Emerita Botello  Emerita Botello (408) 423-2411 Attendance
Contact Gina Cruzen  Gina Cruzen (408) 423-2408 Bookkeeper
Contact Caroline Gonzales  Caroline Gonzales (408) 423-2419 Health Clerk
Contact Michele Hernandez  Michele Hernandez (408) 423-2406 Registrar
Contact Carolyn Riley  Carolyn Riley (408) 423-2420 School Nurse
Contact Linda Smith  Linda Smith (408) 423-2417 Clerical Asst.
Contact Anna Thompson  Anna Thompson (408) 423-2410 School Secretary
Contact Glenn Aby  Glenn Aby (408) 423-2425 Counselor: Han - Manoz
Contact Andrea Cabello  Andrea Cabello (408) 423-2593 Counselor: Phan-Sti
Contact Glenna Hall  Glenna Hall (408) 423-2494 Counselor: Cook - Ham
Contact Michael La Fleur  Michael La Fleur (408) 423-2412 Counselor: Martinez-Perez, BSU Advisor, Var. Football Coach
Contact Elena Mikhailova  Elena Mikhailova (408) 423-2462 Counselor: Sum-Zuni
Contact Christina Nelson Watkins  Christina Nelson Watkins (408) 423-2536 Teacher
Contact Pam Pewitt  Pam Pewitt (408) 423-2414 Counseling Secretary
Contact Maria Theresa Sullivan  Maria Theresa Sullivan (408) 423-2575 Counseling Secretary
College and Career Center
Contact Jan Yee  Jan Yee (408) 423-2531 College and Career, BSU Advisor
Contact Rhonda Biggs  Rhonda Biggs (408) 423-2431 Library Media Assistant
Contact Kathleen Smoot  Kathleen Smoot (408) 423-2431 Librarian
Performing Arts Center
Contact Jennifer Kohler  Jennifer Kohler (408) 423-2597 Theater Technician
Maker Space
Contact Samuel Santos  Samuel Santos (408) 423-2534 ex: 2534 Design Lab Technician
School Psychologist
Contact Samantha Herman  Samantha Herman (408) 423-2453 School Psychologist
Contact Amanda Maland  Amanda Maland (408) 423-2592 Psychologist
Vocational Education
Contact Kathy Lane  Kathy Lane (408) 423-2259 ex: 2691 Vocational Specialist
Contact Edson Sanchez  Edson Sanchez (408) 829-4707 Vocational Technician
Wellness Program
Contact Sharon Kwan  Sharon Kwan (408) 423-2416 Wellness Coordinator
Contact Betty Sustaita-Duran  Betty Sustaita-Duran (408) 878-4398 Community Health Outreach Worker
Contact Sandra Alfonso  Sandra Alfonso (408) 423-2578 World Language (Spanish)
Contact Jozef Antolin  Jozef Antolin (408) 423-2538 CTE/Automotive Technology, Auto Club Advisor, Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Coach
Contact Adrienne Aubry  Adrienne Aubry (408) 423-2557 CTE (Digital Media, Video Production), Digital Media Art Club Advisor, A/V Club
Contact Michael (David) Baumgartner  Michael (David) Baumgartner (408) 423-2470 Resource Specialist
Contact William Beadell  William Beadell (408) 423-2513 Science Department
Contact Andrew Bennett  Andrew Bennett (408) 423-2457 Social Science, Model UN Club Adviser
Contact Nic Bonotto  Nic Bonotto (408) 423-2577 Visual Performing Arts, Ceramics, Department Chair
Contact Mike Buncic  Mike Buncic (408) 423-2544 Science, Department Chairperson, PHHS Club Adviser
Contact Daniel Burkhead  Daniel Burkhead (408) 423-2585 English, Girls JV Soccer Coach, Girls JV Lacrosse Coach
Contact Vance Campbell  Vance Campbell (408) 423-2475 Teacher
Contact Rosana Cayabyab-Vratny  Rosana Cayabyab-Vratny (408) 423-2558 Science, TOH Advisor
Contact Daniel Chaid  Daniel Chaid (408) 423-2584 Social Science
Contact Robert Chapman  Robert Chapman (408) 423-2516 Social Science
Contact Kenny Contreras  Kenny Contreras (408) 423-2574 Mathematics. GAINS, Link Crew, & C/O 2019 Advisor. Induction Support Provider
Contact Camille Courey  Camille Courey (408) 423-2519 English, M.E.S.A. Adviser
Contact Julie Covey  Julie Covey (408) 423-2501 World Language (Spanish)
Contact Andrew Cox  Andrew Cox Teacher
Contact Cecile Cummings  Cecile Cummings (408) 423-2450 Special Education, Life Skills, Best Buddies Club Advisor
Contact David Currie  David Currie (408) 423-2452 Physical Education
Contact Gayle DeLuca  Gayle DeLuca (408) 423-2543 English , Yearbook Advisor
Contact Cory Dobos  Cory Dobos (408) 423-2540 Science, Speech & Debate Club Advisor, Chess Club Advisor
Contact Teddi Duffy  Teddi Duffy (408) 423-2562 AVID
Contact Deana Dutton  Deana Dutton (408) 423-2572 Science, c/o 2022 Advisor, Softball Coach
Contact Paula Estioko  Paula Estioko (408) 423-2587 Visual Performing Arts, Anime Club Advisor, Korean Drama Club Advisor
Contact Joycelyn Flores  Joycelyn Flores (408) 423-2440 Special Education, SAI Life Skills
Contact Woody Freitas  Woody Freitas (408) 423-2435 Physical Education, Football Coach
Contact Olga Galperin  Olga Galperin (408) 423-2471 Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher, Yoga Club Advisor
Contact Marc Gish  Marc Gish (408) 423-2537 Special Education / Life Skills
Contact Rosella Guttadauro  Rosella Guttadauro (408) 423-2561 English, Dpt. Chair, Creative Writing Advisor, Active Students Against Cancer
Contact Velia Gándara-Solís  Velia Gándara-Solís (408) 423-2514 World Language (Spanish), Link Crew Coordinator, Latino Student Union Advisor
Contact Karen Hardy  Karen Hardy (408) 423-2571 Mathematics, Computer Sci., S-Club Advisor, Programming Club Advisor, Robotics
Contact Dunia Hassan  Dunia Hassan (408) 423-2565 World Language (Spanish)
Contact Bill Haughney  Bill Haughney (408) 423-2517 Mathematics, SAI Teacher (Mathematics)
Contact Craig Hedlund  Craig Hedlund (408) 423-2568 Mathematics, Dept. Chair, CSF Advisor
Contact Jennifer Hight  Jennifer Hight (408) 423-2582 Social Science, Model UN Advisor
Contact Chrissy Hunger  Chrissy Hunger (408) 423-2506 English
Contact Matthew Huth  Matthew Huth (408) 423-2546 P.E. Health, C/O 2020 Advisor, Football, Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Contact Rila Hwang  Rila Hwang (408) 423-2565 Mathematics, Key Club Advisor
Contact David Iverson  David Iverson (408) 423-2507 Science, Department Chair, CSF Advisor
Contact Ian Jackson  Ian Jackson (408) 423-2527 English, Journalism, MSA Advisor
Contact Chad Jenkins  Chad Jenkins (408) 423-2535 Mathematics, C/O 2019 Class Advisor
Contact Karine Khurshudyan  Karine Khurshudyan (408) 423-2494 World Language (Spanish)
Contact Lisa Kinneman  Lisa Kinneman (408) 423-2497 Mathematics
Contact Jerry Knaack  Jerry Knaack (408) 423-2508 Science, c/o 2022 Advisor
Contact Kelly Kosuga  Kelly Kosuga (408) 242-4329 World Language (Japanese)
Contact Gregory Kraintz  Gregory Kraintz (408) 423-2553 Mathematics
Contact Kori Kurbiel  Kori Kurbiel (408) 423-2570 SAI Teacher (Social Science)
Contact Lillian Kwiatkowski  Lillian Kwiatkowski (408) 423-2437 Mathematics, Computer Science, FASA Advisor
Contact Margit Look Henry  Margit Look Henry (408) 423-2502 SAI Teacher (English/Study Skills)
Contact April Lujan  April Lujan (408) 423-2434 Physical Education, Health, Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach
Contact Kathleen MacDonald  Kathleen MacDonald (408) 423-2409 Leadership
Contact Amy Magagna  Amy Magagna (408) 423-2427 Special Education Teacher, LIfe Skills, GSMA Advisor, Best Buddies Advisor
Contact Rizi Manzon  Rizi Manzon (408) 423-2479 CTE (Culinary Hospitality And Management Program (CHAMP) Pathway), FCCLA
Contact James Mason VI  James Mason VI Teacher
Contact Mecherie McGilvery  Mecherie McGilvery (408) 423-2443 Physical Education
Contact Michael McQuade  Michael McQuade (408) 423-2560 Science
Contact Michael Melligan  Michael Melligan (408) 423-2516 Social Science
Contact Tomas Montes  Tomas Montes (408) 423-2495 SAI Teacher (English), C/O 2020 Advisor, Boys Varsity Soccer Coach
Contact Heather Morton  Heather Morton (408) 423-2503 Visual and Performing Arts, Intro to Art, AP Drawing and 2 Dimensional Design,
Contact Jeff Muralt  Jeff Muralt (408) 423-2533 Mathematics, Computer Science, FCA Advisor, Boys Tennis Coach
Contact Elia Neto  Elia Neto (408) 423-2443 Physical Education, Health
Contact Thuy Nishio  Thuy Nishio (408) 423-2525 World Language (French), French Club Advisor, Chinese Club Advisor
Contact Arianna Nuti  Arianna Nuti (408) 423-2573 English, JV Girls Volleyball Coach
Contact Mark Ooka  Mark Ooka (408) 423-2504 English
Contact Yvonne Park  Yvonne Park Teacher
Contact Amy Peoples  Amy Peoples (408) 423-2547 World Language (French), AVID
Contact Piper Phillips  Piper Phillips (408) 423-2586 Teacher
Contact Chloe Pounds  Chloe Pounds Teacher
Contact Anthony Raffetto  Anthony Raffetto (408) 423-2583 Career Technical Education (Business) DECA Advisor
Contact Joey Rebustes  Joey Rebustes (408) 423-2591 Mathematics
Contact Rhodora Rebustes  Rhodora Rebustes (408) 423-2551 Mathematics
Contact Griselda Renteria  Griselda Renteria (408) 423-2580 Resource Specialist
Contact Rex Riley  Rex Riley (408) 423-2472 Mathematics, Math Club Advisor
Contact Claire Robson  Claire Robson (408) 423-2518 English,Theater, Wilcox Stage Company
Contact Paul Rosa  Paul Rosa (408) 423-2447 Physical Education, Athletic Director, Head Football Coach
Contact Erik Rutgers  Erik Rutgers (408) 423-2530 SAI Teacher (Science), Thespian Adviser, Varsity Football
Contact Steven Sanders  Steven Sanders (408) 423-2426 Science, Envir'l TOSA
Contact Katharine Sandifer  Katharine Sandifer (408) 423-2541 English
Contact Anna Santana  Anna Santana (408) 423-2550 World Language (Spanish)
Contact Kimberley Scott  Kimberley Scott (408) 423-2429 Resource Specialist
Contact Stephanie Scott-Townsend  Stephanie Scott-Townsend (408) 423-2566 Social Science
Contact Thomas Shea  Thomas Shea (408) 423-2525 English, Creative Writing Club Advisor
Contact Becki Shuler  Becki Shuler ex: 2590 Teacher
Contact Alla Sidorova  Alla Sidorova (408) 423-6529 Mathematics, Slavic Union and Support for EL Clubs Advisor, After School Tutor
Contact Steven Simoni  Steven Simoni (408) 423-2512 Social Science
Contact Mary Pat Slate  Mary Pat Slate (408) 423-2559 Science, c/o 2021 Advisor, Wilcox Animal Group (WAG) Advisor
Contact Richard South  Richard South (408) 423-2456 Visual Performing Arts (Music)
Contact Ryan Soykin  Ryan Soykin (408) 423-2558 Social Science, Acts of Random Kindness Club Advisor
Contact Mrs. Nalinee Srinivasan  Mrs. Nalinee Srinivasan (408) 423-2548 Science, Indian Club Advisor
Contact Yana Staroselsky Costa  Yana Staroselsky Costa (408) 423-2523 ELD
Contact Janna Stone  Janna Stone (408) 423-2579 English
Contact Laura Stott Hardesty  Laura Stott Hardesty (408) 423-2589 English, Reading Intervention, Athletic Director
Contact Mark Stott  Mark Stott (408) 423-2505 Social Science, Outlet Club Advisor
Contact Itsuko Tamaki (Suzuki)  Itsuko Tamaki (Suzuki) (408) 423-2576 World Language (Japanese), Japanese Club Advisor
Contact Cathy Thornton  Cathy Thornton (408) 423-2491 Resource Specialist, Animal Assisted Happiness Club Advisor
Contact Kristin Traudt  Kristin Traudt (408) 423-2581 English and Career Technical Education (ROP Retail Sales)
Contact Mindy Trisko  Mindy Trisko (408) 423-2542 CTE (Fashion Design, Individual & Family Life, On Your Own)
Contact James Unangst  James Unangst (408) 423-2460 Physical Education
Contact Christopher Vargas  Christopher Vargas (408) 423-2520 Science
Contact Jennifer Woo  Jennifer Woo (408) 423-2564 World Language (Spanish), Spanish Club Advisor, Sister Cities Co-Advisor