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Wilcox Song Pom-Dance Team

Song pom tryout information
tryout info

pom poms

what is song pom?

Song Pom is a mixture of using Song Pom technique, Jazz and Hip Hop with Pom Pons to entertain our audiences throughout the majority of our routines.  (Yes, they really are called Pom Pons!)  :D  

Though we are often called "Dance Team", we truly are a Song Pom team in our performance style.

We hope you enjoy our performances as much as we enjoy performing them for you!

we are self-funded!

We are a year round program and do not receive any funding from the Santa Clara Unified School District or Wilcox HS besides paying a stipend for our coach in the Fall and in the Spring.  We rely completely on donations of funds from families and the companies that allow us to hold fundraisers at their restaurants so we can go to training camp each summer, pay for uniform components like poms, warm-ups, etc. 

If you are interested in making a donation to the song pom team, please make checks payable to Wilcox HS and write Dance Team in the memo section.  Please also let the coach Laura Akin ( know if you are doing this so she can make sure the funds made it to the correct account.

Thank you so much for your support!