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Competitive Sports Cheer Homepage

2021-2022 Season Information

Our season will begin on January 31, 2022.

In order to try out/participate you must be cleared on the athletic clearance website

You will also need a recent physical (within the last 365 days). You will need to have this pre participation form filled out by a healthcare provider. Please upload this to athletic clearance. There is no need to print out any forms or turn anything in in person. All clearance is done online. 

Please listen to the announcements or check back here for more information. 


Competitive Sports Cheer started at Wilcox in 2019. It is an official spring sport that competes against other teams and is part of the Blossom Valley Athletic League. It is overseen by CCS and CIF.  CSC is different than Sideline Cheer. Sideline Cheer is one of our Pep groups that supports various events and the Wilcox Student Body throughout the entire year.

Contact Information

Coach Cassidy Email


Gillian Kenna email

Please check here for trainer hours as they may change weekly. Trainer Hours