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Board Meeting Dates

Board Meetings are typically the fourth Wednesday of each month but due to holidays, school events/activities there are some exceptions.  Dates below are fairly firm but subject to change.  Meeting reminders are sent to Members a week before the meeting so please check your email for the meeting date. All members are welcome.

Start time: 7:00pm  

End time: Typically 7:30pm-8pm depending on the number of requests to discuss and vote on.





August 24th 6:30pm

5th Wednesday


September 28th

4th Wednesday


October 26th

4th Wednesday


November 30th

30th Wednesday*


December 21st

3rd Wednesday*


January 25th

4th Wednesday*


February 15th

3th Wednesday


March 29th

5th Wednesday


April 26th

4th Wednesday


May 17th

3rd Wednesday

* Denotes dates outside the typical schedule of 4th Wednesday

Board meeting format

Meeting Format

1.President – Opening Remarks/Introductions

2. Hear Funding Requests from those requesting funds (The requestor departs after sharing request and answering questions from the DGM Board & Members present)

3. Review of previous Board Meeting Minutes

4. Reports



                School Administrator

                Athletic Director

5. Discussion/Voting for fund requests

6. Upcoming Activities of the Booster

7. New Business

8. Old Business