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Board Meeting Dates

Board Meetings are typically the fourth Wednesday of each month but due to holidays, school events/activities there are some exceptions.  Dates below are fairly firm but subject to change.  Meeting reminders are sent to Members a week before the meeting so please check your email for the meeting date. All members are welcome.


Start time: 7:00pm  

End time: Typically 7:30pm-8pm depending on the number of requests to discuss and vote on.




August 29

5th Wednesday

September 19

3rd Wednesday

October      24

4th Wednesday

November  28

4th Wednesday

December  12

2nd Wednesday


January      30

5th Wednesday

February    27

4th Wednesday

March        27

4th Wednesday

April           24

4th Wednesday

May           22

4th Wednesday

June           TBD

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Board meeting format

Meeting Format

1.President – Opening Remarks/Introductions


2. Hear Funding Requests from those requesting funds (The requestor departs after sharing request and answering questions from the DGM Board & Members present)


3. Review of previous Board Meeting Minutes


4. Reports



                School Administrator

                Athletic Director

5. Discussion/Voting for fund requests

6. Upcoming Activities of the Booster

7. New Business

8. Old Business