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increase girls participation

In an effort to increase girls participation, Wilcox is committed to the creation of freshmen teams where sufficient numbers and competition exist. We encourage freshmen girls to try out for sports even if they have no experience and/or did not attend summer workouts. We will not cut freshmen girls from these teams based on their level of skill. To remain eligible, all athletes must continue to meet all CCS, Wilcox and team requirements.

sports lockers

In-season athletes can request a sports locker. Male athletes should see Mr. Rosa in the PE office in the locker room. Female athletes should see Ms. Stott in B213.  

NEW Website coming - Phasing this one out

We have new websites coming soon. Until then all spring schedules are linked on a Google Doc on the Athletics Homepage. Sport specific webpages will not be updated. 


We hope to have a Google Site available to you soon to help get information about our sports out as we transition between websites. Please email Mr Rosa or Ms Stott with questions. 

Wilcox Apparel BSN Store

Wilcox apparel and other items are available for purchase through our Wilcox BSN Store. All items are able to be customized and will ship to your home.  You can select atheltics, clubs, performance group and other activities, etc. The store is run by BSN and not Wilcox, but this is an opportunity for you to outfit yourself in Charger gear. 

BSN Wilcox Website

They have monthly coupon codes as well as flash sales once or twice a month offering further deals. 


wilcox apparel
sporstmanship statement

Wilcox High School and the CIF require good sportsmanship and positive behavior of student athletes, cheerleaders, band members, coaches and  spectators. We request your cooperation in supporting the student-athletes and officials in a positive manner. Please be mindful or your language and actions at all times and treat others with dignity and respect. Profanity, derogatory comments, or other intimidating actions, especially concerning race, gender, or ethnicity, directed at athletes, officials, team representatives, or other spectators will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate removal from the school premises. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a safe, inclusive and positive game environment.

spring schedules

Link to Spring Schedules 


Subject to change but we try to keep it up to date. 

Athletic Directors

Paul Rosa 

Mr. Rosa's email

Laura Stott Hardesty 

Ms. Stott's email


Wilson Hsieh

Trainer email

Please check here for trainer hours as they may change weekly. 

Trainer Hours 

Pre participation physical form

Pre Participation Physical Form. Please take this to your doctor's appointment when you have your physical. 

athletic clearance

Every year students will need to register on athletic clearance in order to participate in our athletic programs. 

nondiscrimination statement

Santa Clara Unified School District prohibits discrimination, intimidation, harassment (including sexual harassment)  or bullying based on a person’s actual or perceived ancestry, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender  expression, gender identity, immigration status, marital status, national origin, parental status, pregnancy status,  race, sex, sexual orientation, or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived  characteristics. For questions or complaints, contact: 

  • Equity Compliance Officer: Lise Strom, Title IX/Uniform Compliance Coordinator,1840 Benton Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050, (408) 423-3509,

  • Title IX Coordinator: Title IX/Uniform Compliance Officer,1840 Benton Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050, (408) 423-3509, and 

Section 504 Coordinator: Lissette Moore-Guerra, Student Services Coordinator, 1840 Benton Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050,  (408) 423-3682,

parent, student, and community feedback

Are you interested in adding or expanding our athletic programs? Please let us know here.

Athletic Program Inquiry

You will receive a written response from the principal within 30 days.

If you have a gender equity in athletics complaint, please use the link below to get more information from our District on how to proceed. 

Title IX Statement 

Know Your Rights page

If you have any questions about Title IX, please contact the Title IX / Uniform Complaint Procedure Coordinator at