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Engineering Competition

Aerospace Club


The Engineering Competition is a 4 week competition starting today and ending on Oct. 18 where teams of 1-4 people will see who can build the best glider.


  1. Build a glider that fits our requirements

  • Less than 1 pound

  • Wingspan less than 5 feet

  • Labeled with team name

  • Hook (provided) attached securely to nose of glider (this part will latch onto the launcher like a slingshot)

  • Must exhibit basic understanding and usage of aerodynamic components

blue pring
blue print of launcher
Blueprint of course
workshop slide 1
workshop slide 2
judging rules
competition itinerary
prize list
introduction to gliders
Aerodynamics of glider
Aerodynamics of tail
Aerodynamics of vertical stabilzer
Aerodynamics of angle of wings
Aerodynamics of airfoil