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Staff Directory


Gonzalez, Kristin (408) 423-2401 Principal
Thompson, Anna School Secretary

Vice Principals

Henry, Chandra (408) 423-2426 Vice Principal - Discipline & Curriculum
Kolda, Matt (408) 423-2404 Vice Principal - Discipline & Curriculum
MacDonald, Kathleen (408) 423-2409 Vice Principal - Activities

ASB Office

Lash, Diane (408) 423-2428 ASB Secretary
MacDonald, Kathleen (408) 423-2409 Vice Principal - Activities


Botello, Emerita Staff
Smith, Linda (408) 423-2421 Health Clerk


DeMera, Mrs. Bunny (408) 423-2408 Bookkeeper / Cheer Coach


La Fleur, Michael (408) 423-2412 Academic Counselor H - O
LaBarbera, Holly (408) 423-2411 Counselor (A-G)
Mikhailova, Elena Teacher
Pewitt, Pam (408) 423-2414 Counseling Secretary
Villarreal, Kelly (408) 423-2413 Counselor (P-W)
Yee, Jan (408) 423-2445 Career Center

Health Office

Riley, Carolyn (408) 423-2420 School Nurse


Fowlkes, Ellen (408) 423-2431 ex.2431 Staff
Smoot, Kathleen (408) 423-2431 Librarian


Hess, Ketch (408) 423-2425 Psychologist
Kwan, Sharon Staff
Whitmore, Laura (408) 423-2403 School Psychologist


Hernandez, Michele (408) 423-2406 Registrar

Support Staff

Armstrong, Mrs. Janet (408) 423-2583 DECA Advisor
Hauck, Sandra Teacher's Aide
Huether, Theresa Teacher's Aide
Sager, Brock Staff
Souza, Sue Teacher's Aide
Tracy, Kim Teacher's Aide

Visually Impaired Room

Coe, Joy ex.423-4243 Visually Impaired

Vocational Education

Lane, Kathy (408) 423-2259 ex.2259 Teacher
Melin, Delores (408) 423-2495 Teacher


Alfonso, Sandra Teacher
Antolin, Jozef (408) 423-2538 ex.2538 Teacher
Beadell, Mr. (408) 423-2513 Teacher
Bennett, Mr. Andrew Associate
Bonotto, Mr. Nic (408) 423-2577 Teacher
Buncic, Mr Teacher
Burkhead, Daniel, Daniel Teacher
Cayabyab-Vratny, Mrs (408) 423-2400 ex.ext 2558 Teacher
Chaid, Mr. (408) 423-2584 Teacher
Chapman, Robert History Teacher
Contreras, Kenny (408) 423-2574 Mathematics Teacher
Coombs, Carrol Teacher
Courey, Camille Teacher
Cummings, Cecile (408) 423-2450 Teacher
Currie, David (408) 423-2452 Teacher
DeLuca, Ms. Gayle (408) 423-2400 ex.2543 Teacher
Dobos, Mr. (408) 423-2540 Teacher
Dow, Karen ex.2590 Teacher
Duffy, Teddi (408) 423-2400 ex.2562 Teacher
Estioko, Paula (408) 423-2587 ex.2587 Teacher
Flores, Joycelyn Teacher
Freitas, Willard J Teacher
Gandara-Solis, Velia (408) 423-2514 Spanish Teacher
Geronimo, Josefina, Josefina Teacher
Gish, Marc (408) 423-2537 Teacher
Gotterba, Mrs. Joan (408) 423-2591 Teacher
Guttadauro, Rosella (408) 423-2561 ex.2561 Teacher
Hall, Glenna (408) 423-2494 Teacher
Hardy, Karen (408) 423-2571 Teacher
Haughney, Mr. (408) 423-2517 Teacher
Hedlund, Craig (408) 423-2568 Teacher
Hunger, Mrs. Chrissy Teacher
Iverson, David ex.2507 Teacher
Jackson, Ian (408) 423-2527 Teacher
Jenkins, Chad Teacher
Koslin Scott, Kimberley (408) 423-2429 ex.2429 Teacher
Kraintz, Gregory Teacher
Kurbiel, Mrs. Kori (408) 423-2570 ex.2570 SDC-Social Science
Lack, Garrett (408) 423-2501 Spanish Teacher
Lee, Rila (408) 423-2565 Teacher
Look Henry, Margit Teacher
Lujan, April (408) 423-2434 ex.2434 Teacher
MacDonald, Kathleen Teacher
Magagna, Amy (408) 423-2427 ex.2427 Teacher
Manzon, Rizi Teacher
Mathews, Guy (408) 423-2471 Math Teacher
McGilvery, Mecherie Wong (408) 423-2443 Teacher
McLaughlin, J (408) 423-2541 English Teacher
McQuade, Michael Biology Teacher
Melligan, Michael (408) 423-2516 Teacher
Montes,, Tomas Teacher
Muralt, Jeff (408) 423-2536 Teacher
Neto, Mrs. Elia (408) 423-2443 Teacher
Neuman, Daureen, Daureen Teacher
Niczewicz, George (408) 423-2582 ex.2582 Teacher
Nishio, Thuy (408) 423-2525 Teacher
Nuti, Arianna Teacher
Ooka, Mr. Teacher
Oren, Daniel, Daniel Teacher
Patel, Mrs. Cathy (408) 423-2400 ex.2454 Integrated Science Teacher
Peoples, Amy ex.2547 Teacher
Piscitelli, Becky (408) 423-2400 ex.2572 Teacher
Raffetto, Anthony (408) 423-2583 Teacher
Robson, Ms. ex.2518 English/Theater Teacher
Rosa, Paul (408) 423-2447 Teacher
Rubin, Cathy (408) 423-2542 Teacher
Rutgers, Erik Teacher
Sanders, Steven (408) 423-2520 ex.2520 Teacher
Scott-Townsend, Ms. (408) 423-2566 Teacher
Sidorova, Alla (408) 423-6529 Math Teacher
Simoni, Steven (408) 423-2512 ex.2512 Teacher
Skeels, Heather Teacher
Slate, Mrs. MP (408) 423-2559 ex.2559 Biology Teacher
South, Richard (408) 423-2456 Teacher
Soykin, Ryan (408) 423-2426 ex.2588 Teacher
Srinivasan, Mrs. N. (408) 423-2400 ex.2548 Teacher
Stott, L. (408) 423-2589 Teacher / Softball Coach
Stott, Mark, Mark Teacher
Swan, Mr. (408) 423-2446 Teacher
Tamaki, Itsuko (408) 423-2576 Teacher
Thornton, Mrs. Cathy (408) 423-2491 Resource Teacher
Traudt, Kristin Teacher
Unangst, James (408) 423-2460 Teacher
Ushimaru, Hiromi (408) 423-2581 Teacher
Vaughn, Christopher (408) 423-2515 ex.x2515 Teacher
Vernaelde, Patrick F. Teacher
Woo, Ms. Jennifer (408) 423-2564 Spanish Teacher